Marvel hero accused of murdering Doctor Strange


White Fox is charged with murdering the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel Comics’ upcoming Death of Doctor Strange storyline.

Warning! Spoilers for The Death of Doctor Strange: The White Fox # 1 below.

With the death of Doctor strange who is profiled in the pages of Marvel Comics, the hero White fox will be charged with killing the Sorcerer Supreme. On Thursday, Marvel unveiled an all-new one-shot titled The Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox # 1, which will force the new hero to try to clear her name as she becomes suspicious in the untimely demise of Stephen Strange.

White Fox is a relatively new hero to the Marvel Universe, making his debut in Contest of champions # 1 in 2015. The South Korean hero is the last of the Kumiho, shapeshifting foxes with many incredible powers. She has heightened senses, the ability to transform into a nine-tailed fox, hypnotism, and the ability to steal life forces from enemies on contact. Originally, the Kumiho used their powers to steal men’s hearts and kill them. However, White Fox, real name Ami Han, is part human / part Kumiho, and generally uses his unique skills for good. White Fox was a member of the New Agents of Atlas and more recently of the Tiger Division.

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Groneman told CBR the one-shot would delve deeper into White Fox’s origins and feature both the Tiger Division and Atlas’ new agents – as well as an appearance by Chinese hero Sword Master.

White Fox is one of the more intriguing new Marvel characters to debut in recent years, and his story hasn’t really been fleshed out. Hopefully with Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox # 1, readers learn more about Ami Han, and the hero focus gives him the chance to appear in more titles in the future. Tying its backstory to the new event is a smart call and will likely lead to more people learning just how White fox it’s true. Death of Doctor Strange: White fox # 1 is in comic book stores in November.

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