Marvel just revealed the key to stopping Hulk’s son Sakaar


Gamma Flight’s new recruit may have just discovered the key to stopping the Son of Hulk and turning him to their side in the next battle.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Gamma Flight # 4, available now from Marvel Comics.

The saga of Immortal hulk was one of the most terrifying the Marvel Universe has ever seen, and the heroes of Gamma Flight just have its most gruesome next layer. Amidst all the rest, the team uncovered Abomination’s terrible plot, a plot he is dangerously close to implementing. With an army of Gamma Zombies ready and the Son of the Hulk himself leading the charge, it doesn’t look like the heroes have any chance of saving the day. Then again, they might not have to consider that either of them just changed their minds Skaar on which side of this fight they want to be in. Gamma flight # 5 by Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina, Antonio Fabela and Joe Sabino of VC.

Despite the threat of an entire army of Gamma Zombies waiting to be unleashed, Doc Sasquatch knows how to end the fight before it has even started. The Cathexis Ray technology boosting Abomination’s forces is just what Doc invented himself, empowering heroes to turn the tide of battle as long as they can fight their way to the ray generator himself. same. Getting to the generator isn’t as difficult as it sounds, at least not as long as they have Del Frye in mind of the unwitting soldiers of Abomination.

Unfortunately, Del can’t help them with regards to the villain’s security system. Soon Skaar is upon them, and he has a bone to choose from with Dionne Fortean aka Stockpile. It was Skaar’s return that paved the way for Dionne’s own transformation, making her defection to the other side a personal blow to the Son of the Hulk. This isn’t the only deep cut Skaar has suffered in recent times, however, in the midst of their battle, Stockpile accuses the villain of being just another pawn in someone else’s war – something that ‘he knows all too well.

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First introduced in 2007 World War Hulk # 5 of Greg Pak and John Romita Jr., Skaar was born to Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong during the Avenger’s exile on the planet Sakaar. The start of Skaar’s life was strewn with torment as he sought revenge on those he believed to be a bane to his world, as he loomed under the shadow of Galactus himself. Eventually, Skaar would find his way back to Earth to confront his father for seemingly abandoning him. It kicked off a long and complicated relationship between Skaar, Bruce Banner, and the various Hulk characters who lived in him.

Over time, it became clear that Bruce was not Skaar’s father, nor the Hulk, really, but rather the Worldbreaker Hulk – the one he never managed to reconcile in any meaningful way. As Stockpile tells Skaar, they both know what it’s like to have someone living in their father’s body “using my unfinished business with him to chain me.” Even though this blatant announcement is a cheap blow, it’s not a lie, and it may even just have brought Skaar to the other side of the fight.

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Based on the looks alone, Skaar is clearly shaken by what Stockpile is telling him. If she really managed to reach him and get Skaar to rethink which side he wants to be on, she might just have given Gamma Flight her best shot at stopping the Abomination plot. Aside from Abomination which brings him back from his state of power, Skaar really has nothing to gain by continuing to help the villain unleash his Gamma army. On the other hand, working with Gamma Flight to save the day could very well give him another chance to make peace with his difficult past, or at the very least another chance to play the hero.

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