Marvel Legends releases biggest 32-inch Galactus figure of all time


Hasbro is preparing to make its largest action figure in its Marvel Legends line, featuring a 32-inch Galactus for around $ 400.

Hasbro does its biggest Marvel legends ever figurine with a 32 inch Galactus. Hasbro is one of the largest toy companies in the world, and has been releasing Marvel Legends line figures since the early 2000s. The line includes not only Marvel comic book characters, but several heroes and villains from the MCU and from around the world. ‘other Marvel movies and TV shows. While most Marvel Legends action figures are around 6 inches tall, there are several above them, most notably the Build-a-Figure characters.

Now Hasbro intends to produce a 32 inch Galactus figure. The company needs 14,000 people to commit to purchasing the figure before the massive figure goes into production. At the time of writing, fundraising is just over half of its 14,000 mark, with about a month and a half for people to sign up. The fundraiser will end on August 30 and the Galactus figure will retail for $ 399.99. It should be noted that the designs included below are not final.

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Galactus Marvel Legends Concept

Galactus Marvel Legends 2

Galactus Marvel Legends 3

Galactus Marvel Legends 4

Galactus Marvel Legends 5

Galactus Marvel Legends 1

If the figure goes into production, it will ship with 70 points of articulation (20 in each hand) and three interchangeable breastplates. If the project gets enough backers, Galactus will ship this fall. Galactus was a Build-a-Figure character in 2005, but Marvel Legends figures have come a long way in the past 16 years, especially after Hasbro started using photo-real technology. The old Galactus figure was also not to the scale of other 6 inch figures, so the fact that it was Marvel Legends’ the biggest number of all time could be a big enough print run to produce it.

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