Marvel might have cast their next new Avengers hero


With Spider-Man: No Path Home and Hawk Eye aside, we’ve got over five months to wait for the next MCU Phase 4 adventure. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens May 6, assuming there are no further release delays. Then again, it’s very likely that Marvel will release a brand new TV show on Disney Plus before then. But we have no idea what the next 2022 Disney Plus project is – the list includes Ms. marvel, she-hulk, and Moon knight. While waiting for more news from the MCU, we have plenty of rumors about upcoming Marvel attractions, including a development that teases the official introduction of the next new member of the Avengers: Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

He’s a character we’ve been waiting for years to arrive in the MCU, but Kevin Feige & Co. haven’t mentioned him since the first Phase 4 roster unveiled. That could change along the way, and it could happen sooner than we thought.

The first rumors of Ghost Rider

It was in September 2019 that we heard that Marvel wanted Ghost Rider in the MCU. It was a simpler time before the start of the pandemic. At the time, we thought Phase 4 would end in November 2021. We didn’t know 2020 would shut down the MCU entirely. Or that Marvel was going to add so many more titles to MCU Phase 4.

Marvel already had a Ghost Rider version that could have been easily added to the MCU. This is Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes, who appeared in Agents of SHIELD The same character should have appeared on a Hulu show as well, but Marvel ultimately canceled it. We didn’t know at the time if Luna would be playing Ghost Rider at some point in future Marvel movies or TV shows.

Even then, some MCU fans wanted Norman Reedus to play Ghost Rider in the MCU. Luna himself said in May 2017 that he would like Reedus to play the Johnny Blaze version of Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

All of this brings us to the present day. The first year of MCU Phase 4 adventures ended on a high note following the successes of No way home and Hawk Eye. And Reedus is suddenly posting Ghost Rider teasers on social media after rumors were rumored that Marvel picked a new actor for the role.

Marvel’s Ghost Rider may have been chosen

The loved one Walking Dead the actor recently shared a link to an Instagram post on Ghost Rider with an accompanying image (also seen above).

As you can see in the tweet, the image shows Reedus on fire, like he’s playing Ghost Rider. Here’s what this Instagram post says:

Marvel Studios has reportedly picked an actor to play Ghost Rider in the MCU. Since the news broke, Norman Reedus has liked several tweets about him describing the character. Are you happy with Norman as the MCU’s Ghost Rider?

Insider Charles Murphy recently said on Twitter that Marvel could have launched Ghost Rider, although he did not reveal a name. He said he was happy with the choice but it wouldn’t be Keanu Reeves playing Marvel’s Ghost Rider. Murphy later deleted the tweet, but that online chatter continued.

Reedus’ social media activity seems to imply that he landed the role he coveted. But Feige has yet to make any announcements about this character.


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