Marvel reveals how Iron Man becomes a god


Iron Man has just received his biggest power boost ever, as he is on the verge of becoming a god in his quest to stop the villainous Korvac.

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man # 13 by Marvel Comics below

Marvel comics teased Iron Man acquire divine powers, and now they’ve revealed how it’s going to be. In iron man # 13, Tony Stark and his team of heroes finally face off against Korvac inside Galactus’ Taa II world ship. However, after seeing him successfully steal the cosmic power, Iron Man decides to join him and dangerously take some of the power for himself.

In the stream of Marvel Iron Man series, Tony Stark made it his mission to stop Korvac from gaining cosmic power and becoming one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. Along the way, Iron Man assembled his own team of unlikely heroes to stop the villain. But, as he progressed with his plans to stop Korvac, he was nearly killed and began to fight with his own personal demons. Unfortunately, Tony didn’t have time to heal, as he was recently teleported to Taa II and watched his friend Avro-X die. Still, he kept moving forward, leading the hero to become something else.

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In Iron Man # 13 of Christopher Cantwell, Cafu, Frank D’Armata and Joe Caramagna of VC, Iron Man and his team of heroes track down Korvac on Taa II and eliminate some of his followers. After reaching it, Iron Man and the Space Friends attempt to stop the villain, with Tony struggling to stand due to the injuries he sustained. After almost taking Korvac down, the villain taps into cosmic power and gains incredible power. Knowing that he cannot stop the transfer of power, Iron Man decides to attain cosmic power himself and transform into “something more” to stop Korvac.

In August, Marvel Comics teased Tony Stark by becoming Cosmic Iron Man. The solicitation of Iron Man # 14 reveals that the hero will find himself altered beyond recognition and that he will have unlimited power, which could mean “a radical and drastic change for the entire universe … and reality itself”. However, with these divine powers, Tony will have to fight his own ego and focus on stopping Korvac, who has likely acquired similar incredible abilities and is about to use them to shape the universe in his image.

The stream Iron Man the current series has done a terrific job of breaking down what it means to be the hero, and now he’s about to step up a gear in what it means to be a god. Given Tony Stark’s ego and focus on stopping Korvac, it’s safe to assume things are only about to get even crazier as he learns to exercise his divine powers. . Iron Man # 13 is in comic book stores now.

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