Marvel sets 2023 for Ultraman and Marvel superhero crossover AIPT

It was meant to happen, but today it was revealed that the Ultraman universe will cross over into the Marvel universe in 2023. Details are scarce, but it was announced at the Super Anime Extravaganza at the Los Angeles Convention Center by co-writer from the Mat Groom series the crossover arrives.

Along with the news, we also got a look at the art, which features Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man with a kaiju as Giants of Light, Ultraman, and Ultraseven look on.

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Clearly excited, Groom took to Twitter to express his excitement about writing Spider-Man.

That’s right, we’ve got the team you never knew you needed: Carol Danvers and Ultraman Taro! (Oh, too – I write SPIDER-MAN, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT)

Check out the teaser art that was revealed below.

Marvel Sets 2023 For Ultraman And Marvel Superhero Crossover

Ever since Marvel launched the Ultraman comics, it was all about when their superheroes would merge into the same universe. The Rise of Ultraman kicked things off in 2020 and isn’t set in the Marvel Universe, which was later followed by Ultraman Trials. Still no Marvel connection, and that includes the next The Ultraseven Mystery which will launch in August as the next miniseries in the Ultraman comic book line.

It’s likely that this crossover event won’t affect Marvel Comics continuity, but it will be exciting to see Spidey joking about the Ultraman costume nonetheless. What do you think, are you excited about this crossover event? Let us know in the comments.

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