Marvel Snap Refunds All Gold, Awards Free Jane Foster Card For Nexus Events

The next step in the Marvel Snap Nexus event fiasco is to refund all the gold, while giving everyone the Jane Foster Thor card.

A few weeks ago, the team at Second Dinner hit their first pothole on the road to the release of Marvel Snap. The team originally proposed a premium game mode that would give players the chance to earn new cards and goodies, but Nexus events have been heavily criticized by the game’s community. As Second Dinner continues to assess what What needs to be done next, the studio has taken the first step to refund any in-game gold spent on the game mode while giving all players a free Jane Foster Thor card.

Marvel Snap Nexus Event Statement
Source: @SecondDinner on Twitter

The above note was posted on the Second Twitter Dinner Account. He notes that the game’s next patch will include a full refund for all gold spent on Nexus events. He also notes that the Jane Foster card will be awarded to all players, whether or not they participated in the game mode. All accounts created after the next patch, which would likely be after launch given that the game is still in beta, can unlock Jane Foster as a Pool 3 hero.

The Nexus Event backlash came shortly after the mode was introduced. The fury came from a combination of the monetization model and the low drop probability, which would require players to spend hundreds of dollars to increase their chances of getting the Nexus event high-level rewards. Participating in Nexus events would cost 180 gold, which could add up quickly given that guaranteed drops only occur after 50 instances.

What’s next after the Nexus Event fiasco? Second Dinner doesn’t have an answer yet, but promises that future monetization instances will be more player-friendly. We’ll be keeping an eye out for what the future holds whenever Marvel Snap releases from beta. It’s coming to iOS and Android soon with a PC beta starting on launch day.

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