Marvel Studios Reportedly Rebranded ‘Werewolf by Night’ as Disney+ Special

Marvel Studios is ready to explore Halloween like never before by introducing its own Disney+ special for the spooky season. While details about the upcoming project are still scarce, some concrete information has slowly made headlines over the past few months. For starters, it’s widely rumored to revolve around Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night.

Rumors indicate the Halloween special could potentially come after Oscar Isaac’s moon knight, meaning it could air in time for Halloween 2022. coconut Voice actor Gael Garcia Bernal has reportedly been cast in the lead role of the werewolf, hinting that production could begin sooner rather than later.


The famous film composer Michael Giacchino (Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming) is also rumored to lead the project as a director. Now, as the MCU embraces a new chapter, more details about the werewolf-centric Halloween special have been revealed.

Marvel’s Halloween Special NOT titled ‘Werewolf By Night’


The envelope shared that Spider-Man: No Coming Home and The Batman Composer Michael Giacchino is set to direct Marvel Studios’ untitled Halloween special, which reportedly focuses on Werewolf By Night.

The outlet corroborated the previous report first made by The cosmic circus and introduced to the cinema Daniel Richtmann.


The Hollywood Reporter then revealed in its own report that their sources pointed out that the upcoming Halloween special is not titled night werewolf, contrary to previous statements.

In a tweet, Giacchino seems to have confirmed his involvement in the project by to respond with a series of prayer emojis to Ben Schwartz after the actor expressed his enthusiasm for his new project:


A Midnight Sons teaser?

This latest report on Marvel Studios‘ Halloween special likely indicates that the project’s storyline will include other MCU characters, but the main focus could still revolve around Werewolf By Night.


It’s possible that the next Halloween special will be treated as an anthology, meaning there would be an overall title for the project encapsulating all of its material.

Tales of the Midnight Sons could become a fitting title as it could serve as a tease for the group’s superhero debut in the future. This potential title also allows the other members of the Midnight Sons to take center stage, introducing them to fans one by one before eventually crafting a crossover project.

Another potential title could simply be night trackers. In Marvel Comics, the Nightstalkers are a trio of vampire hunters led by Blade, whose primary goal is to combat supernatural threats.


The MCU could pick up on this concept by giving this title to the Halloween special, which could serve as the first iteration of the franchise’s eventual Midnight Sons group. This allows Marvel Studios to introduce the various members of the Midnight Sons in their own unique way.

A previous report also mentioned that Mahershala Ali’s Blade would make an appearance in the Halloween special. This could indicate that the supernatural team will reunite soon, and this project can be used as the main avenue to tease their impending presence.


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