Marvel’s Batman wants Infinity Stones for the most selfish reason


Nighthawk wants the Infinity Stones to restore his own universe, but he also has another selfish reason for acquiring the gems.

Warning! Spoilers for Black cat # 10 by Marvel Comics below.

Black cat isn’t the only Marvel Comics hero after the Infinity Stones, because Nightjar just told him that he is also looking for the powerful gems. However, the Marvel version of Batman doesn’t just want to restore his own universe, but he wants to bring back a world where he and Black Cat were together. Unsurprisingly, Felicia Hardy has no interest in this happening.

Nighthawk is the pastiche of Marvel’s Batman, who is a longtime member of the Supreme Squadron. In the recent Heroes are reborn Eventually, Mephisto and Agent Coulson rewrote reality to make Marvel’s Justice League Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a world without the Avengers. In this world, Nighthawk had previously had a relationship with Black Cat and had her own extended Bat-Family, which included Gwen Stacy as the Nightbird (Batgirl). That reality finally collapsed after the awakened Avengers restored the Marvel Universe. But, now Nighthawk is trying to acquire the Infinity Stones to bring him back.

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In Black cat # 10 by Jed MacKay, CF Villa, Brian Reber and Ferran Delgado, Felica Hardy finds herself chased by Nighthawk. After coming face to face with the hero, Nighthawk tells him that she doesn’t remember their relationship and begins recounting details about his life, including his full name, his interests in music, the death of her mother and what she is allergic to. . Nighthawk tells him that he wants to restore the reality they were together and help him steal the Infinity Stones. However, Black Cat isn’t interested in being with Nighthawk and says she doesn’t want to be in a reality where her mother is dead – a key difference between the two worlds.

Felicia Hardy has never been with Nighthawk in Marvel’s main reality, so her call to let him help her find the Infinity Stones falls on deaf ears. And honestly, why would Felicia help him? The reason Nighthawk wanted to restore the Heroes are reborn the universe is entirely selfish. There is no incentive for her to rewrite her own reality just to please her. Also, she doesn’t know that her version of Black Cat broke up with him and suggested that he go to therapy to sort out his own issues. Nighthawk is scary.

Ultimately, Nighthawk is incredibly selfish in even suggesting that Black Cat join in his quest to restore the Heroes are reborn universe. Did he seriously think that she would accept his foolish request to bring back a world that only benefits him? Ultimately, Felicia recounts Nightjar she has no interest in doing it and tells him to push it. Black cat # 10 is in comic book stores now.

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