Marvel’s Ghost Rider returns in stunning art for new series

Marvel’s original Ghost Rider is back in an all-new series that has an amazing new variant cover from talented artist Inhyuk Lee

Warning! Potential spoilers for Ghost rider # 1 by Marvel Comics

The Marvel Original Ghost rider returns for a brand new series of Marvel Comics and the publisher just shared a stunning new cover for the series. In a new variant cover by InHyuk Lee for Ghost rider # 1, Johnny Blaze makes a fiery comeback in his classic costume. The image should have some incredibly excited Ghost Rider readers and fans for what’s to come for the hero.

Last month, Marvel Comics revealed that 2022 will be the Year of Revenge, as they promised great things were in store for the various versions of Ghost Rider in the Marvel Universe. Currently, there are a handful of Ghost Riders active in the comics, including Robbie Reyes, who is currently part of the Avengers core team, Kushala, currently featured in his own Infinity comic at Marvel Unlimited, and Johnny. Blaze, which was last featured during Marvel’s King in black Event. Additionally, the Year of Vengeance promotional image teased more Ghost Riders, including the Cosmic Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, and the 1,000,000 BCE Ghost Rider.


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Marvel Comics recently revealed that Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith will team up for a new Ghost rider series with Johnny Blaze. The series is expected to bring the character “back to basics”, as Blaze will have a “perfect life,” featuring a loving wife and two children and a job in an auto repair shop in a small town. However, Blaze will be plagued by monster nightmares and will have “bloody visions” when awake. Blaze will take care of his inner spirit of revenge by trying to break free and take control of him. Check out a stunning new cover variant of InHyuk Lee for Ghost rider # 1, which features Blaze in her classic costume.

As part of the celebration of 50 years of Ghost Rider at Marvel Comics, the publisher is releasing many new covers for the first issue of the new series. Artists who will be tackling their own variations of covers for the series include Skottie Young, Peach Momoko, Taurin Clarke, Adam Kubert, Ryan Stegman and Jorge Fornes.

It’s nice to see Ghost Rider, especially the original Johnny Blaze take on his own series again at Marvel Comics. While the other Ghost Riders currently appearing in different comics also deserve the limelight, it still feels weird when the more recognizable version of the character doesn’t have its own ongoing series. For readers who wish to purchase the new InHyuk Lee variant cover for Ghost rider # 1, it hits comic bookstores in February.

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