Marvel’s Gwenpool could take down Superman (and DC just proved it)


A new comic starring Superman, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Calendar Man shows how Gwenpool would fight a good fight against the Man of Steel.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman / Superman # 22 by DC Comics below

In a new adventure starring a fifth dimensional pixie, Mister Mxyzptlk, the villain proved that by giving Calendar Man a comedic conscience he was able to hurt Superman by breaking the fourth wall. In Batman / Superman # 22, Calendar Man reaches for a sign to hit Superman with his own icy breath. The moment shows that the hero of Marvel Comics Gwenpool would also be able to pull the same trick on Superman.

Some comic book characters have a comic conscience, which means they know they’re in a comic and can manipulate the stories they play in. Some of the heroes who have gained the ability to break the Fourth Wall include She-Hulk, Deadpool, Howard the Duck, and Gwenpool. However, Gwenpool took the Fourth Wall to a whole new level, as her solo adventures have shown her leaping from comic book to comic book, fully aware that she was in a story the entire time. She hopped and moved panels, interacted with design details, and manipulated things in her favor.

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In Batman / Superman # 22 by Gene Luen Yang, Paul Pelletier, Keith Champagne, Hi-Fi and Saida Temofonte, Mister Mxyzptlk breaks Calendar Man from Arkham Asylum in the middle of an attack and brings him to the Fifth Dimension. . After Mister Mxyzptlk reveals that reality (aka the comics) is made up of boxes like a calendar, he grants Calendar the Man to break the fourth wall between the boxes. However, after returning to Gotham City, he realizes that he can hit people through multiple boxes (panels). This leads him to fight Batman and Superman while using the boxes to hit them from all angles.

Calendar The man hits the fourth wall

Later, Calendar Man is seen pushing Superman’s head down as he uses his icy breath, which freezes him in the next panel. This shows that Gwenpool could pull off the same move to defeat Superman if they ended up playing in the same story. Gwenpool’s comedic consciousness is incredibly overpowered, as she’s become a mutant again and is able to enter Gutter Space – the literal space between comic book panels.

Superman Gwenpool Marvel Comics

Gwenpool may seem like a gadget character, but her comedic conscience endows her with powers and a manipulation of reality that are pretty much unmatched in the Marvel or DC Universe. However, Calendar Man has shown how she can use her powers to defeat Superman. Considering she’s much more in tune with her comedic conscience than the calendar-loving Batman villain, it would be fun to see what Gwenpool could cook to disassemble Superman. Batman / Superman # 22 is in comic book stores now.

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