Marvel’s Most Underrated X-Men Hero Gets Adorable Fan Art

In stunning piece of fan art from Marvel Comics, Armor from the X-Men gets an adorable new look that shows off his awesome powers.

the x-men have featured hundreds of different mutants on their roster over their 60+ years in the pages of Marvel Comics, but one surprise character who’s become a fan favorite in recent years is Armor. In adorable fan art by Reddit user SpunchTheCrunch, the hero has a look that shows off her incredible defensive powers, as she stands inside her barrier armor, with a menacing look on her face. Armor is clearly ready to fight, as she’s dressed and ready to join her fellow mutants in battle.

Hisako Ichiki, better known by her codename, Armor, got her start in the pages of Amazing X-Men #4 by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. The armor has the ability to generate transparent red exoskeleton armor, granting it incredible strength, stamina, durability, and more powers. Armor’s armor resembles a transparent robot, as the mutant can be seen controlling the exoskeleton from within. The Japanese mutant first joined the Paladins Squad led by Kitty Pryde, where she was part of a team alongside Blindfold and Wing. Recently, Armor was seen in the New Mutants by Marvel Comics and was one of the finalists to join the main X-Men team in a fan vote twice, although she narrowly missed the cut each time.

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On their Reddit page, artist and Reddit user SpunchTheCrunch shared his latest drawing of his ongoing X-Men challenge. In the image, Armor and his powers are on full display, while adorable fan art shows the hero ready for action. Inside her armor, Hisako Ichiki clenches her fist and has a smirk on her face as her exoskeleton strikes the same pose.

SpunchTheCrunch’s cartoonish style in the fan art lends itself well to Armor’s look. His menacing exoskeleton with Hisako Ichiki inside looks like something you might see on the Cartoon Network and makes us wish Armor was starring in an X-Men animated series that could really show off just how much fun his powers are.

Armor is one of Marvel Comics’ most underrated X-Men and heroes. It’s great that she’s continued to play a prominent role on Krakoa in the New Age of Mutants and hasn’t been sidelined like some other characters. That said, it would be fun to see her join the x-men as a core member of the current side. Ultimately, the adorable fan art shows what makes Armor so unique and giving her a spotlight she deserved and deserved.

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Source: SpunchTheCrunch

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