Marvel’s New Iron Fist May Redeem Hero’s Problematic Past


Marvel Comics presents an all-new Iron Fist – and it’s a chance to put the whole problematic Danny Rand story behind them.

There’s a new Iron fist come to Marvel comics universe – and he can finally face the problematic hero story. Created in 1974, Danny Rand is the immortal Iron Fist – a martial arts master who learned to harness the power of Chi and who has become one of Marvel’s most formidable melee fighters. The character even starred in his own series on Netflix, although it hasn’t really received critical or critical acclaim. Stunt coordinator Brett Chan recently described issues on set, commenting on an environment in which “everyone is fighting and the actor does not want to train.

But Iron Fist’s issues run deeper than Marvel Netflix’s. “I think the source material is orientalist,“observed sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen in an interview with Reverse. “Everything that takes place in Asia or with Asian cultures is treated as an object rather than a subject. Martial arts and yoga – it is an object of consumption rather than a true culture to be respected.“The comics follow the old-fashioned ‘Mighty Whitey’ trope, in which a blonde-haired, blue-eyed hero travels to an Asian city and masters his skills, becoming better than everyone else. Historical issues Iron Fist initially faced campaigned for Marvel’s Netflix series to reinvent Danny Rand as an Asian-American, eschewing racial tropes, but Marvel Television chose to ignore this campaign.

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Now, however, it looks like Marvel Comics is trying to turn things around. Marvel has confirmed that the Iron Fist mantle is set to be passed on to a new character, in a five-issue miniseries from award-winning writer Alyssa Wong and artist Michael YG. “It’s an incredible honor to bring a new Iron Fist to the Marvel Universe,“Wong observed in a press release.”I’m delighted to dive into and build on the rich comic book myth. What does it mean for someone to take the mantle of Iron Fist now, today? As a newcomer, how do you interact with heritage and honor it while blazing a new path?

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This is an opportunity for Marvel Comics to redeem Iron Fist by introducing a whole new iteration of the character, which sets itself apart from issues of cultural appropriation and the “Mighty Whitey” trope. Also, note that at last Marvel entrusts Iron Fist with a true Asian-American writer, someone who can better understand the society that Iron Fist is supposed to be related to, who can write as an insider of Asian culture. rather than as a foreigner. look inside.

Iron Fist has always been considered a legacy title; in fact, Marvel recently revealed that the first Iron Fist was part of the 1,000,000 BC Avengers. With Danny Rand losing the power of Iron Fist in the comics, it makes sense for the mantle to be passed on to a successor, and it seems Marvel comics avoids the harmful tropes that were an integral part of the first Iron Fist. In the meantime, it’s also possible that this will point the way to the MCU introducing its own Iron fist – one who avoids these tropes from the start.

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