Marvel’s Spider-Man originally had a much bigger final boss battle


Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price reveals that Marvel’s Spider-Man initially featured a final boss fight that destroyed half of New York City.

WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man, available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Originally concluded with a much larger final boss battle that was tweaked to avoid an unnecessary period of development crisis.

During his opening interview at Develop: Brighton, and originally reported by, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price spoke about how the final showdown unfolded. Addressing the impact game development can have on a studio’s staff, Price explains that it’s often better to refocus difficult concepts rather than push them through. Using Marvel’s Spider-Man as an example, Price notes, “Originally, we were going to have a boss battle that took you all over New York City, and it was way out of reach.”

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Price went on to say, “The temptation is to just force it on, put your head down and go through the brick wall. But the team took a step back and thought about what was important to the players, and that was the breakdown of the relationship between Peter and his former mentor, Doctor Octavious. “

To avoid a period of crisis, a term used to refer to the excessive overtime required by employees, Insomanic instead sought to recontextualize the battle between Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus. “They rethought the fight and realized they didn’t need to destroy half of New York to pay for the relationship. In fact, it would have worked against what we were looking for. As a result, the final battle is a lot more. up close and personal, and has a much greater emotional impact than we expected – and that’s in line with the time we have, ”said Price.

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The final boss fight of Marvel’s Spider-Man is a memorable sequence that stands out in a game already packed with full-scale spectacle. When the title launched on PlayStation 4 in 2018, it was a critical and commercial success. Peter Parker’s version of Insomniac Games has won fans new and old, with critics praising it Spider Manexcellent writing, combat, traversal mechanics and animation.

The final boss fight isn’t the only significant change to occur during the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac Games originally intended to keep Aunt May out of the game, but was convinced by longtime comic book writer Dan Slott that her role in Peter’s life was too important. Likewise, Harry Osborn was initially meant to play a significant role in the story that would eventually culminate in his death. While Harry is largely absent in Marvel’s Spider-Man, he appears during a post-credits scene where it’s hinted that he’s related to some sort of symbiote.

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