MCU’s Black Knight can finally deliver a great King Arthur movie


Marvel’s Dark Knight, featured in the upcoming Eternals movie, has its own comic book series that includes a trip to the days of Arthurian legend.

The next Marvel movie Eternals The film features the character Dane Whitman as one of the love interests of the Eternals – and since Whitman is best known to Marvel comic readers as the Black Knight, he is the perfect character for an adaptation of the King Arthur stories. . Although Whitman’s comic book story began with his physics studies in modern times, inheriting a castle and the ebony blade, a magical relic, he became the superhero Black. Knight. As Whitman’s story progressed, he passed a bow in Arthurian times, possessing the body of his distant ancestor, who was also the bearer of the blade.

The story of the Dark Knight is intrinsically linked to Arthurian legend. The ebony blade each of the Dark Knights wielded was forged by Merlin from meteoric iron, and is slated to make an appearance in the Eternals movie. With the Eternals projected to look very different from other Marvel movies featuring scenes with natural lighting and a fantastic feel, it suits thematically for the appearance of items such as Whitman’s magical sword. If the sword’s origins are not altered to fit the lore existing within the MCU, that would mean Arthurian legends are true in the universe – not quite beyond the realm of possibility, as witchcraft and witchcraft are both very confirmed aspects of the universe.

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A Marvel adaptation of the legend of King Arthur could explore both commonly known parts of the Arthurian legend, without turning away from the fantastic. Movies like Thor has shown giants visiting Earth, and the powers given to knights in Arthurian lore quite match the abilities of superheroes featured in other MCU movies. With a number of directors voicing a desire to take on the Knights of the Round Table, including a recent discussion of Zack Snyder’s desire to make a King Arthur movie and Guy Ritchie’s recent adaptation with king arthur, the winds of change seem to be blowing because of Camelot.

The Dark Knight’s story connects Marvel with Arthurian legend

Dane Whitman’s story as the Dark Knight in the comics doesn’t directly follow that of King Arthur, but there are many intersections between the two narratives. It could give Marvel a new angle on Arthurian legends and allow Camelot’s stories to be seen from an outsider’s perspective. If Marvel chose to follow Whitman’s comedic arc and send the superhero back in time, that would also give storytellers a useful tool – an outside character, to act as a stand-in for the audience, to whom the setting information and feedback. narrative details could be explained. .

Besides Whitman himself, other MCU figures could easily show up to lend a hand. The timelines of Thor and Loki would both comfortably intersect and show additional backgrounds of these characters in their younger years, and the characters introduced in Eternals have also wandered in and out of history. Tying these characters to some of the feats of Arthurian legend could allow Marvel’s adaptation of the King Arthur stories to feel fantastic, while still feeling like they were part of the larger Marvel Universe. . It would also give the Black Knight yet another reason to act as an outsider – preventing future knowledge from contaminating the Time Stream.

Swords and Witchcraft movie would let Marvel explore a new genre

Although movies like Thor and Doctor strange approached magic by exploring the mechanics of their heroes’ powers, the Marvel films have mostly been content with the realm of science fiction. Although that may change – WandaVision meant an appetite for Phase 4 to explain the magic within the MCU – the incredible technology and near future setting of the MCU movies sets a very special tone for the universe. Adapting the Black Knight comics that explored the pseudo-medieval fantasy of Arthur and the Roundtable would allow the MCU to address a setting that was not technologically advanced and relies almost exclusively on magic for its elements. incredible, advancing the very objective set. for phase 4.

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Such a setting could also explore a more pastoral aesthetic – allowing for more brutal superhero combat with less risk to civilians nearby, across swathes of the countryside. The powers of the Ebony Blade include an ability to cut anything and resistance to magic, which could allow magic users in the MCU to break loose without having an inevitable victory thanks to an overwhelming advantage. While recent MCU properties have been anything but disgusting to civilians and passers-by – WandaVisionThe victims of Scarlet Witch inside the hexagon as a notable example – this would preserve the non-monstrous reputation of the characters who got involved.

A Marvel adaptation might get the story right

Arthurian legends have been adapted a number of times, but as they have been written by a number of authors in different countries over the centuries, there are usually cuts made in the adaptation in order to present something like a coherent story. Conflicts between storytellers have, for example, made “Arthur’s bravest knight” simultaneously Lancelot, Gauvain, Gallahad and Kaye. MCU writers certainly have experience adapting a complex, at times conflicting, multi-faceted story to a cohesive narrative, and using Dane Whitman as an audience surrogate could ask and answer questions about such a conflict if they wished to explore it.

Seeing Arthurian legend through the eyes of an outsider might solve an otherwise impossible problem with accurate accounts of Arthurian myth. With the Dark Knight only interacting with Arthurian figures when it is narratively important for him to do so, stories and legends that have less meaning might be stories told to Whitman, or simply glossed over as events for which the Dark Knight was not personally present. Therefore, all of Camelot’s stories could be “true” – for any given truth value, and only from an outsider’s point of view.

Considering the opportunities for Marvel to try their hand at this type of film – and the apparent desire of moviegoers to see such an adaptation – this would seem like a wise project to pursue. With Warner Bros. plans to create a King Arthur shared universe falling apart, the most successful shared universe in modern film could very well take over for its own momentum. They may or may not – but if Whitman’s role as the Dark Knight is explored in Eternals or not, his inclusion in the film as a supporting character opens the door for Marvel to make a great King Arthur adaptation if they so choose.

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