MCU’s fastest hero secretly ran ‘Barry Allen’ – and lost


Eternals’ Makkari is the fastest number in the MCU to date – but their run with a Flash pastiche from Quasar proved which one was faster.

DC and Marvel Universe both have their share of super-fast minifigures, with the gold standard of the power type being the Flash family of heroes. This includes Barry Allen, who has become one of the most iconic heroes in the DC Universe.

With a new incarnation of Makkari making his film debut in Eternals, it’s worth going back to a time when the two characters clashed. The Earth-616 incarnation of speedster Eternals Makkari once had a run against someone who was clearly meant to be DC’s Flash – and the Marvel hero never got a chance to follow.

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Quasar Makkari Flash Race 1

Quasar # 17 (by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Manley) introduced an eerily familiar speedster to the Marvel Universe. As he observed Earth from space, the Quasar with cosmic power was surprised when a light-flooded figure rushed past him. Quasar and one of his allies – Makkari of the Eternals – ran after him, discovering the Runner. One of the Elders of the Universe (the informal family that counts the Grand Master and the Collector among them), the Runner challenged Makkari in a race around the world. Soon, the rest of Earth’s fastest heroes and villains – including Quicksilver, Spectrum (then known as Captain Marvel), Speed ​​Demon, Whizzer, Super Saber, and Black Racer – gathered for the contest. , which was to take them through warp space. to determine who was the fastest in the world.

The race turned out to be surprisingly close, with Makkari struggling – but managing – to take the lead. But things change with the sudden arrival of a mysterious man with a blond beard. Struck with amnesia and wearing the shreds of a crimson costume, the character is forced to run by an energy source within him, quickly joining the race and overtaking many competitors. The figure finally reaches Makkari and exceeds it without even realizing the weight of the competition. Reaching the finish line, the Elder is in awe of the man, who simply refers to himself as “Buried Alien.” Declaring the winner, the runner took the man with him to participate in a galactic marathon, despite the man’s desire to simply return to his world.

The mysterious man – who only made one more appearance in Quasar # 58 (by Mark Gruenwald, Peter Sanderson and John Heebink) – then competed in another race with Makkari. By this point, he had accepted that he couldn’t return to his home world or regain his original memories and instead made his peace with running for the sake of running. Taking the name FastForward, the character was as fast as Makkari, but voluntarily withdrew from the race to prevent another competitor from interfering and disqualifying the Eternal. The story ends with a friendly race between the two men after a technical glitch frees Makkari from his potential fate.

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Quasar Makkari Flash Race 2

Buried Alien – arriving in the Marvel Universe just years after DC’s conclusion Crisis on Infinite Earths – is a clear pastiche of Barry Allen, aka The Flash. The iconic hero was one of the most significant casualties of this event, killed while preventing the Anti-Monitor’s plans to wipe out all of existence and flee to death to save loved ones. “Buried Alien” could be considered a version of The Flash that survived the Crisis and landed in the Marvel Universe.

His Marvel appearance, however, allowed him to continue in some form or reveal himself on top of the fastest numbers in this universe. Even against someone as fast as Makkari, FastForward turned out to be even faster and proved that The Flash is the fastest man in all universes.

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