Miles Morales turns ten with new Spider-Man costume


To celebrate Miles Morales’ tenth birthday, Marvel presents a new but familiar Spider-Man costume for the young hero.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 30, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Miles Morales made his Spider-Man debut ten years ago in a story in Ultimate fallout Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor Story # 4. It would seem fitting that after everything Miles has been through since taking the mantle from Spider-Man, he would get an update to his costume, especially after recent events.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 30, of Saladin Ahmed, Carmen Carnero, Erick Arciniega and Cory Petit of VC, does just that, with a new costume that is a refreshing change from the traditional superhero costumes of the past. Starts on the last page of the previous number, Miles’ new costume consists of a loose sweatshirt with a gaiter that goes up to his mouth and high top sneakers. Despite being completely new to the comic book world, Miles’ costume draws on several design elements that were part of his PlayStation 5 game.

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Over the past decade, Miles has had a difficult introduction to superhero life. He bore the guilt of not being able to save his mother from Venom. His father rejected him when Miles revealed his secret identity, blaming him for the deaths of his uncle and mother. When his universe was destroyed, he was transported to Doom’s Battleworld for Secret wars. The result was a fusion of all the universes to create a primary universe, where Miles was surprised that his mother and uncle were still alive. Grateful, he easily adapted to this new world as everything else in his life was basically the same. Since then he has doubted himself for Second civil war revelation that he was going to assassinate Captain America, created a group of young heroes with Ms. Marvel called the Champions, and even morphed into Captain Universe for Spider-Geddon.

Her new costume is the result of her most recent arc, her own personal Clone Saga. After saving her sister Billie from her very clone Selim, her original black and red suit was in tatters. Instead of going back to the original costume design which he said had been exploited by Selim, he wanted something to restore the city’s confidence in Spider-Man. With the help of a designer named Kenneth, Miles didn’t go without a suit for long. Rather than taking a more traditional, tailored approach, Miles ‘new costume is much more appropriate for Miles’ personality. While superhero costumes are typically tight spandex suits, the new costume designed for Miles seems inspired by his real-world clothing – from its loose round neck to its high-top basketball sneakers.

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Building on similar elements in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, his new costume shares many traits of those who have played the PS5 video game Miles Morales: Spider-Man. The second installment of the Spider-Man games offers Miles’ perspective as he begins his hero’s journey, while also giving players the chance to create new combinations offering modifications and abilities. Many of these variations include designs more in tune with Miles’ style, like sweatshirts, loose pants, and high top sneakers. The one that particularly comes to mind is the “Bodega Cat Costume” which includes a loose sweatshirt over Miles’ costume as well as running shoes.

While a back-up story from this issue and other flash-forwards has indicated that Miles will eventually revert to his traditional costume, this new design is a refreshing take on the superhero costume approach and could open up the way to new variations of costumes. in the Marvel community.

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