Ming-Na Wen Says Sheldon’s Young Star Is Actually Sheldon In Real Life

After working with Iain Armitage, Ming-Na Wen says the Young Sheldon actor is actually a genius like Sheldon Cooper in real life.

Young Sheldon actor Iain Armitage is actually Sheldon Cooper in real life, says Ming-Na Wen. The Wonder and star wars the actress recently joined The Big Bang Theory franchise, appearing in the prequel series as Dr. Carol Lee, a professor at East Texas Tech. Predictably, she clashes with Sheldon, but off camera, Wen has nothing but good things to say about her young co-star.

Armitage played the titular character on Young Sheldon for five years now. CBS wanted to take full advantage of the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, so they launched its first and still only spin-off in 2017. For two years, it aired back-to-back with its parent series, but after the nerd-centric show ended in 2019, the prequel remained standing. on its own, and it works pretty well. It remains to be a ratings juggernaut for the network, and it has a lot to do with Armitage’s brilliant portrayal as Sheldon, who was first played by Jim Parsons.


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Talk with TV InsiderWen talks about his recent appearance on Young Sheldon. Asked about her thoughts on working with Armitage, she shared a story about the child actor learning Russian during the COVID-19 shutdowns. This made him believe that he was actually Sheldon in real life. Read his full response below:

What a remarkable, charming and funny child. He was trying to teach me Russian. I asked his mother, “Do you speak Russian?” And she’s like, “No. During the COVID lockdown, he was bored, so he decided to learn Russian. He’s Sheldon.

Sheldon's interest in the Young Sheldon train

Unfortunately, Armitage’s Russian capabilities were not featured on Young Sheldon – at least not yet. Instead, Wen was able to converse in Mandarin and French with Wallace Shawn’s Dr. Sturgis and Ed Begley Jr.’s Dr. Linkletter respectively. Meanwhile, Sheldon found himself alone speaking Klingon until Lee learned to say “no” in the language to put the socially incompetent genius in his place. But that does not mean that The Big Bang Theory spin-off cannot use Armitage’s actual skills in the future. With Young Sheldon already locked until at least Season 7, CBS has plenty of opportunities to weave it into its storytelling.

Armitage may in fact be very similar to his Young Sheldon character, but many would say Parsons is still the definitive version of Sheldon. His The Big Bang Theory Co-star Mayim Bialik, who played his wife, Amy, recently opened up about how the actor was so good in the role despite not being a real scientist like her. In any case, fans can check out Armitage and Parson’s respective character iterations at Young Sheldon because the latter provides the voiceover on the sitcom.

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Source: TV Insider

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