Moon Knight Is About To Unleash Marvel’s Most Dangerous God

The following contains major spoilers for Moon Knight #11, available now from Marvel.

Besides his own burning rage, much of Marc Specter’s penchant for violence is fueled by his patron god, Khonshu. Unfortunately, Khonshu’s bidding and what’s best for the world at large haven’t always aligned, forcing Marc to go to drastic lengths to protect the people he loves. That’s why the hero ultimately had to trap his boss in the first place.

Unfortunately, the stakes have become enormous. As Marc’s worst enemy is about to kill everyone Moon Knight has sworn to protect, despair has set in. Specter finds himself driven to release the God of Vengeance once again. As necessary as it may be, the consequences will be significant.

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Marc and his allies have fought tirelessly to track down and eradicate the threat posed by the enigmatic Zodiac, only to find themselves too far away to help when the villain finally shows his face again. Worse, Zodiac even managed to find a way to get Marc’s closest friends out of the House of Shadows despite the supernatural protection it offers as a new Midnight Mission. So when all hope seems lost in moon knight #11 (by VC’s Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Cory Petit), the titular antihero takes it upon himself to call out whoever he knows can grant the passage he needs. But, of course, Khonshu’s help always comes at a price, and it’s only a matter of time before that cost is one Moon Knight can’t afford to pay.

Although Khonshu wasn’t introduced to the Marvel Universe until the 1980s moon knight #1 by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, the story of the Moon God dates back over a million years. As a young god, Khonshu was openly offended at not being offered a place alongside the Stone Age Avengers, a grudge that scarred him for millennia. However, thanks to his future champion Marc, Khonshu was finally able to fight back against these ancient Avengers and their modern counterparts. When the threat of Mephisto loomed over his head, Marc stole the powers of the original Avengers, giving Khonshu the edge he needed to defeat Mephisto’s army of variants. Khonshu claimed Manhattan as the center of his fledgling new empire in the aftermath.

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Eventually, Marc retaliated to strip Khonshu of his powers, leading to the god’s imprisonment in the dungeons of Asgard. Now that Marc calls on Khonshu for help, the danger of the Moon God’s return has increased exponentially. Even with Khonshu still trapped beneath Asgard, his influence is clearly beyond his limits. Considering the impact Khonshu has had on Marc’s mind, not to mention how far he’s come in dealing with his associated inner demons, the repercussions of a newly freed Moon God could be disastrous. Although they were victorious the last time they fought, this was only due to Marc wielding the Phoenix Force at the time. Assuming Khonshu isn’t above their previous encounter, Marc will likely be first on his patron god’s list when he returns.

Marc may be at the top of Khonshu’s list, but the rest of the Avengers certainly still hold a special place in his vengeful eyes. As hard as it is to imagine that Khonshu would ever align himself with the likes of Mephisto, there’s no doubt he’d do anything in his power to see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes suffer like He did it. If that turns out to be the case, Marc asking for help likely opened the door for Khonshu to return to Earth. Then again, he might target Asgard first, especially after locking him away at the behest of the Champions of Midgard. Hopefully it won’t be the end of the world when that day comes, let alone multiple realms.

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