Most hated companies in the world, new study finds


Whether it’s a restaurant with the best food or a reliable store where the clothes fit you perfectly, we have all of our favorite businesses. Of course, on the other side of the coin, there are also those who excite us a lot less. This week, product review site Rave actually posted an extremely comprehensive list of these most hated brands by every country, and while no one has ever asked, we had to share.

Now when we say full, we really mean it! Not only did they break down each list country by country, but they also isolated certain industries from fast food companies, big tech brands, and games.

To create this sort of “hate directory,” Rave said they calculated a “hate rate” using and ranking the percentage of negative tweets in each location and honestly what they found was quite interesting.

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Photo via rave reviews

According to their results, the most hated brand in Canada was entertainment conglomerate Sony, with an overwhelming HR of 49.09%.

Sony was in fact the most despised brand across the board with 9 other countries including Argentina and Greece agreeing with the great white north.

Unfortunately, they didn’t really provide any additional information – so we are left with only speculation as to why this particular company is in everyone’s shoes.

These are just a few tweets that we found that could give you more information:

More and more niche industries like “games” saw that it was Game Freak that took the lead. Razzie equivalent with 95.68% of the negative votes, while Orange Julius was named the least popular fast food chain in Canada with 47.06%.

Photo via rave reviews

Finally, and it probably won’t surprise any of you after this week’s outage, it was Facebook that landed the top spot for the lowest mark – but only with a hate rate of 37.24% – so here is.

Now like we said, they really made a list for everything, so if you want to see their report yourself, you can check it out here. In the spirit of it, you might just hate what you find. Enjoy!

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