Movies that could’ve been big, but they spent too much money

Just because a character is a household name doesn’t mean it’s a box office draw. So while Superman is arguably the most famous superhero of all time, he is not the most bankable at the box office, because the “S” has not stood for “$” since the early 1980s. Not counting inflation, the 10 “Superman” films grossed $ 2.5 billion worldwide. The three Films “The Iron Man” made $ 2.4 billion, not counting Tony Stark’s other Marvel appearances.

In 1978, “Superman: The Movie” made moviegoers believe that a man could steal and made a lot of money doing so, making $ 300 million worldwide, around $ 1.2 billion today. , which is very impressive for the Man of Steel. However, the franchise died a gruesome death with “Superman IV: The Quest For Peace” in 1989 ($ 36 million worldwide), and various reboots remained in developmental hell for the next decade and a half. .

Money spent on over a decade of future “Superman” movies that were never added to the “Superman” movie which was ultimately – “Superman Returns” from 2006. At $ 232 million, “Superman Returns” “cost significantly more than other superhero origin stories at the time, like” Spider-Man “($ 139 million) and “Batman Begins” ($ 150 million). However, it was technically a vague sequel to Christopher Reeve’s first two films, something that was never specified in marketing, creating confusion and apathy. Considering all of this, “Superman Returns” earning $ 391 million worldwide wasn’t that bad. With “Spider-Man” or “Batman Begins” budgets, that would have made money.

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