My Hero Academia Delivers One of Endeavor’s Worst Hits Yet

Kohei Horikoshi’s shonen hit, my hero academia, is currently in the throes of its final arc, with the young heroes of Class 1-A not the only crime fighters battling All For One for the future of hero society. With the number one and number two heroes, Endeavor and Hawks, currently battling against All Might’s nemesis, it looks like Shoto’s father has taken a heavy blow in what may be the manga’s final battle.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of My Hero Academia manga chapter 354, you might want to skip the rest of this article as we will be diving into spoiler territory.

On the heels of Shoto’s defeat against his brother Dabi, which greatly boosted the morale of the heroes working to protect Hero Society, the battle for the series finale arc is far from over. All For One remains one of the biggest obstacles for heroes at all levels, with All Might’s infamous nemesis currently facing off against Endeavor and Hawks. While Endeavor managed to keep the villain on his back foot using one of his strongest attacks in “Vanishing Fist”, All For One had one of his most successful tricks up his sleeves in his mind. cruel.

Goading Endeavour, All For One details how the villain took in Dabi following the horrific accident that set Endeavour’s son on his wrong path:

“You should know, for ages now I’ve had an eye on your twisted lust for power and the thing with me is when I come across fertile ground I can’t help but sow seeds. seeds. You never found Toya’s body, did you?”

By forcing Endeavor to halt its assault for a second, All For One is seemingly able to take much of the number one hero’s side, turning his own fingers into what appears to be a crooked-toothed monstrosity. With Endeavour’s downfall, Hawks was lucky to get some help from some of Class 1-A’s bright stars in Tokoyami and Earphone Jack.

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