Naomi: all the changes made to the comic in episode 1

Let’s dive into Naomi’s premiere and discuss the differences between the series and her DC 2019 origin story.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the pilot episode of Naomi, which aired January 11 on The CW.

With The CW expanding its slate of shows outside of the Arrowverse, it was the perfect time to Naomi. The show tells the story of the titular character (played by Kaci Walfall) as she begins to unlock her alien connections. To top it off, she’s a Superman fangirl, which clearly influences her moral compass. With that in mind, let’s break down the major changes to the premiere from its 2019 origin story of Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell.

Naomi being in therapy

This episode showed Naomi in therapy, detailing her anxiety and why she felt the need to worship Superman. This is not a comic book storyline and was made to make Naomi appear more human. This may be related to his adoptive parents trying to stop him from investigating aliens and the truth about his past. Interestingly, Naomi was 17 and slightly more mature in the comics, not 16 like in the show, which could also play a part in the changes.

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Naomi’s first meeting

When a fight broke out between Superman and a mysterious villain in Port Oswego, Naomi rushed out of class during debate practice to record a video. However, she passed out and it seemed like Kal-El’s alien energy was reaching her, knocking her out. In the comics, Naomi saw the fight online, quit her job at a coffee shop, and didn’t pass out, allowing her to capture the entire brawl and draw inspiration.

Superman’s presence on Earth

In the comics, Superman and the Justice League were known heroes, which is why Naomi hoped to join them one day. On the show, however, the Man of Steel is a myth, which is why Naomi wanted live footage to prove to doubters that he exists. Many think it’s a marketing stunt or CGI, so Naomi wants to debunk that. That’s why she welcomed Truth Seekers to her fan site, which she didn’t need in the books.

Naomi’s Inner Circle

In the comics, Naomi had one friend in Annabelle, but in the show, she has several. There’s Nate, her ex, and Anthony, who’s also interested in her. Plus Lourdes, a comic book seller who loves him too. This creates the possibility of not only an LGBTQ arc, but also a love quadrangle that is new to its story. Ironically, the books had a girl with colored hair who looked like Lourdes, but she was never named. Also new is Annabelle’s boyfriend, Jacob, helping Naomi, and her father, Greg, being a military officer.

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The role of Zumbado on Earth

In the books, Zumbado was the alien who destroyed Naomi’s world and the reason why she was hidden on Earth. He appeared through a portal and disappeared, but in the series he is hidden in plain sight as a car salesman. He is looking for a record that Naomi found. He takes it from her in the forest, which leads her to break into his lot to find it. This is all new, including him using telekinesis on her in the woods to tease her about her origin.

Naomi and Dee’s relationship

Naomi Thanagar

In the comics, Naomi saw Dee snooping around and assumed he knew about her past. She pressed him several times before he finally revealed his wings and the fact that he was a Thanagarian soldier. The show drastically changed that when Naomi saw him being unfazed by Superman, which provided a clue. She then found old footage of Dee from decades ago, when she would have been adopted, resembling the present. This informed her of his powers, and when she met him, he revealed his wings to her, during their first real discussion about his heritage.

Naomi airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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