Naomi finally chooses her soul mate thanks to Dee’s heartbreaking past

Naomi finally chooses a love interest for the first season of her CW series, because one of her suitors has a tragic past that would ruin her future.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Naomi Season 1, Episode 4, “Enigma,” now available on the CW.

One of the biggest quagmires Noemie gave the main character decide who she wants to spend her high school days with. She’s been emotional and distracted by her alien heritage all season, catching the attention of several different characters but fearing being left alone. Naomi finally resolved her romantic issues in “Enigma” by choosing her soulmate after learning about Dee’s romantic past, which was even more heartbreaking.

Naomi obtained the alien disc from her nemesis Zumbado (played by Cranston Johnson) and it took her to Akira, Zumbado’s former ally who supported his civil war on their home planet, Earth-29. Akira warned Naomi to forget the past as it would only bring death and destruction. Akira then disappeared, but his words were soon realized when a bounty hunter arrived to kill Naomi at the Port Oswego soccer field. Dee thankfully stepped in to save her, using her Thanagarian wings to fight off the attacker. After the new villain escaped, the mentor and his mentee had a heart-to-heart conversation.

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Dee helped Naomi cast Nathan on the CW show

Dee admitted the ‘Q’ tattoo on her neck was for Qyeala – her lost love. Dee hasn’t said how she died, but it could follow the original comic canon where he lost his beloved in a war against Zumbado’s group, or it could be part of the Rann-Thanagar war which Noemie teased. Dee hated to see Naomi in despair, admitting that he would have liked to tell Qyeala how much he loved her, but when he tried to save her, it was too little, too late. Beneath the warrior’s tough exterior, he nursed a broken heart and urged Naomi to grab true love if she found it.

Following Dee’s advice, Naomi went to meet her ex-boyfriend Nathan, hoping to resolve their issues after she broke up with him at the start of the series. “Enigma” ended with a passionate kiss. But even though Naomi may have made up her mind, Noemie the series has details on the subject. What about the potential LGBTQ romance between Naomi and Lourdes? Is Nathan her endgame, or will the show tease other potential suitors like Dee or Lourdes to potentially break off the renewed relationship?

See how the love quadrangle unfolds in Naomi, with new episodes airing on The CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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