New Fortnite PlayStation Cup (PS4 and PS5) – Start date and time, prize pool and more


Epic Games has announced a new Fortnite PlayStation Cup.

We haven’t had a Major Fortnite Cup or Tournament since the release of Chapter 2 of Season 8. Last season, there were plenty of Cups that allowed players to earn cosmetics for free before they were made available to the player. purchase in the item shop.

We’ve had Fortnite Cups that are part of a collaboration, including the Marvel Super Series Cup. We’ve also had the PlayStation Celebration and the Generations Cup before and now Epic has announced another cup in partnership with PlayStation. Here’s all you need to know.

Fortnite PlayStation Cup start date and time

The Fortnite PlayStation Cup kicks off for the first time this Saturday, October 2. It is only available to PS4 and PS4 players and can be viewed by navigating until the competition time when the cup begins in your area.

The cup will be played as a solo competition with two rounds. The first round is open and players will have three hours to play a maximum of ten matches in order to earn as many points as possible. The top 100 players from each region will advance to the second round.

Fortnite PlayStation Cup

The second round consists of six matches with the top performing players from that round winning an award in each region.


First place in EU, NA, NAW and Brazil will bring in $ 1,200 while $ 650 will be awarded for first place players in OCE, ME and Asia. Here is the full breakdown of the prize pool:

NA East, NA West, Europe and Brazil:

Rank Price
1st $ 200
2nd $ 1,100
3rd $ 1,000
4th $ 800
5th $ 725
6th $ 600
7th $ 550
8th $ 500
9th $ 450
10th – 25th $ 400
26th – 50th $ 300
51st – 64th $ 200

OCE, ME and Asia:

Rank Price
1st $ 650
2nd $ 600
3rd $ 550
4th $ 500
5th $ 450
6th $ 400
7th $ 350
8th – 9th $ 300
10th – 20th $ 200

Rating system

Players will earn 30 points for their victory, 25 points for their second place and 22 points for their third place. Each elimination in the first round is worth one point but is doubled in the second round.

As always, you will need to ensure that two-factor authentication is enabled on your Epic Games account as well as an account level of 30 or higher to participate.

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