No Way Home Trailer 2 Isn’t Coming Soon, Here’s Why


There is no Marvel project that can match the Spider-Man: No Path Home hype right now. The big multiverse secret of the film was leaked months ago, which has only increased the No way home chat online. All the rumors that followed reinforced the idea to the point that pretty much everyone has seen the big spoilers by this point.

Say you watch Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon one evening in mid-September. All of a sudden there’s Andrew Garfield barely able to deny rumors he will appear in the upcoming one. Spider Man movie. If you’re the type of Marvel fan who seeks to avoid No way home spoilers, that moment alone is enough to make you realize what Sony and Marvel are probably doing with the next movie.

But Sony and Marvel didn’t show Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire in the first No way home trailer. The word on the street is that Spider-Man: No Path Home Trailer 2 will feature all three variations of Spider-Man and that it will “break the internet”. And while other rumors have said that the new trailer is slated for release in late October, an insider just said the trailer won’t be arriving anytime soon.

When will the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer be released?

Sony just released a trailer for Unexplored, which stars the same Tom Holland who plays the main Spider-Man variant in No way home. Reports have indicated in recent weeks that the Spider-Man: No Path Home Video for Trailer 2 could drop after October 22, with a recent leak claiming October 25 may be the release date.

The rumors made sense, given that Marvel is promoting Eternals quite strongly at the moment. Pre-order tickets estimates for the opening weekend say Eternals will be at Black Widow and Shang-Chi At the box office. Therefore, put a new Spider Man trailer in front of this audience makes a lot of sense.

New No way home The trailer will feature the Sinister Six and all three Spider-Man variants, if the reports are correct. Such a trailer will quickly become the most watched movie trailer. The first clip has already beaten the End of Game trailer in terms of total views.

But well-known insider Daniel Richtman took to Twitter on Thursday to talk about the trailer’s second release. The leaker said the clip won’t be dropping anytime soon.

In a follow-up remark, Richtman said he never claimed the No way home the trailer was delayed. He says Sony will release the trailer in a couple of weeks at the earliest.

Delayed Marvel movie releases – is No way home Following?

As always with the leaks, nothing can be confirmed at this time. It is not known whether the rumors that the trailer will drop after October 22 were correct or not. Or if Richtman has genuine information. Unconfirmed stories aside, Sony and Marvel can still change trailer release plans for No way home. It’s not like the movie needs more promos to sell like crazy. We don’t even have No way home displays at this point, and that’s perfectly fine.

If Richtman’s information is correct, we might still get the trailer in time for the Eternals, which hits theaters on November 5.

Then again, there’s another reason Sony and Marvel might be delaying a new No way home trailer. Like Marvel, Sony might want to postpone the No way home Release. It’s not the news fans like to hear, but another insider said earlier this week that a delay is still on the table.

It’s not just pandemic box office numbers that could trigger such a move. The visual effects for the film would still not be finished and they must be spectacular. But there is nothing to corroborate this Spider Man delay the rumor. If Sony and Marvel delay the film, the entire marketing campaign will experience delays. And that could also mean a new trailer release delay.

The same leaker said Marvel pushed back Doctor Strange 2 to complete the VFX and do some in-depth repeats. Apparently the story has some issues as well. Additionally, Marvel might want to add even more cameos to the sequel.

While waiting for more details from Sony and Marvel, we remind you that No way home the release date is December 17th, for now. If you’d like to revisit Holland’s Spidey action in the MCU so far in chronological order, check out our MCU Events Timeline.

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