Now is the time to catch up on Netflix’s Marvel series

It’s that time of year again when nothing really matters and we all sit in our homes trying to figure out what day it is (unless you work like me because I know that it’s Monday but I’m mentally in the “time doesn’t exist” (the holiday season). Right now people are usually running with family and friends, but since a wave of COVID has surfaced yet again, we’re all kind of stuck inside trying to figure out what’s showing us do not have weird.

So why not dive into the universe of Netflix’s Marvel series? Starting with the show daredevil Starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Netflix’s foray into the Marvel Universe has given us a more intimate and on-the-ground look at the Defenders and their world in Hell’s Kitchen from the comics. I was going through all the shows and stopped at The punisher because it seemed like life was back to normal a bit, but now that it’s definitely not, what if we all get back to those shows?

Here are the Netflix shows to check out, linked for your convenience:


Jessica jones

Luke Cage

The defenders

The punisher

Iron fist

And if you want to get technical on the timelines rather than gorging yourself on these shows one at a time, here is “the viewing order”. via What’s New on Netflix:

  1. Daredevil (Season 1)
  2. Jessica Jones (Season 1)
  3. Daredevil (Season 2)
  4. Luke Cage (Season 1)
  5. Iron Fist (Season 1)
  6. The Defenders (limited series)
  7. The Punisher (Season 1)
  8. Jessica Jones (Season 2)
  9. Luke Cage (Season 2)
  10. Iron Fist (Season 2)
  11. Daredevil (Season 3)
  12. The Punisher (Season 2)
  13. Jessica Jones (Season 3)

These series, in addition to providing excellent superhero television, clearly tie into the larger world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and are important to the overall story arc. And recent events in Marvel movies and Disney + shows indicate that Netflix properties may start to become more integrated in the future, as fans have long hoped.

It’s important again in the bigger MCU (*** spoilers for Hawkeye and Spider-Man: Far From Home ***)

With the inclusion of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in the Prime! Marvel Cinematic Universe, the world of Netflix matters. D’Onofrio returned as Kingpin / Wilson Fisk in Hawk Eye, which relates to the script by Maya Lopez / Echo. And while it may seem like he was murdered at the end of the season, I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we see Fisk (mainly because the shirt he’s wearing is the one which comes from a comic book panel where Maya shoots him and he survives… like in the episode).

And that’s something D’Onofrio himself has confirmed.

So why not take advantage of liminal space-time this week to celebrate the Netflix era of the MCU in style? If you’re like me, you still have some catching up to do, so (let’s try) take advantage of what they’ve done with the Defenders on Netflix and think about how these characters can continue to play a role in the growth of the game. MCU.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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