Old Man Logan spin-offs with Wolverine, Hawkeye, and Doom coming this year


The world of Old Man Logan returns in a new series called Wastelanders, starring Wolverine, Star-Lord, Hawkeye and more.

Warning! Potential spoilers for the next one Wasteland stories below.

Marvel Comics returns to the world of the old man logan Importantly, as the editor revealed Wasteland, a brand new unique comic book series starring Wolverine, Star-Lord and Hawkeye. The series will revisit Marvel’s dark future where the villains have defeated the heroes and those who were not killed fight for their survival. The Wastelanders one-shots will also include the debut of the Wasteland version of Black Widow.

Old Man Logan first appeared in The Fantastic Four # 558 by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, living in a future timeline where villains reigned supreme and all remaining heroes – except a few – were killed. the old man logan was part of Millar and McNiven’s Wolverine run and the hero has since starred in his own series and appeared in the main Marvel continuity. Old Man Hawkeye and Old Man Star-Lord also starred in their own comics, the former playing a key role in Wolverine’s adventures.

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Marvel Comics announced on Tuesday five new one-shots as part of the Wasteland mini-series. Wasteland: Wolverine by Steven S. DeKnight and Ibrahim Moustafa will take place a few days after the first Old man Logan The finale of the series. Logan will fight to survive alongside the Baby Hulk and meet a new enemy named Downfall.

During this time, Wastelanders: Hawkeye by Ethan Sacks and Ibraim Roberson will feature the archer training another blind hero, Matt Murdock (who becomes Stick in this world).

Wastelanders: Doctor Doom by Torunn Grønbekk and Julius Ohta will focus on the wicked side of the Wasteland. In the story, Doctor Doom will discover a mysterious new force blocking his ability to rule over a certain region of the Wasteland, which will have a huge impact on his reign. As he fights to maintain power, he will be called by a “greater fate”.

Rick Douek and Brent Peeples will tackle the next chapter of the Old man’s feather scenario in Wastelanders: Star-Lord, like the old one guardians of the galaxy hero was shocked to return to Earth and find out about the grim transformation that has taken place since his departure. Additionally, the solicitation teases Quill in the process of reuniting with a long-lost (and believed to be dead) love.

Recently, Wastelanders: Black Widow will see DeKnight team up with Well-Bee and reveal the fate of Natasha Romanoff in the Wastelands. The story will feature the hero breaking into the Lizard King’s fortress as part of an intense mission.

The five one-shots (all taken up above by Josémaria Casanovas) should have fans of the old man logan and the characters presented incredibly excited. The Wasteland the stories hit comic bookstores on December 15th.

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