One Piece Sets Up The Ultimate Revenge For Oden’s Death

The War for Wano has seen almost every member of the isolated nation take part in the battle which will not only decide the fate of the land of Wano, but perhaps the entire Grand Line as well as the Straw Hat Pirates will struggle to defeat the evil Kaido. and his Beast Pirates scores. While Kozuki Oden helped ignite the fire of rebellion in the hearts and minds of the people of Wano, he’s been dead for years, but this final chapter of One Piece has shown us that Kuri’s Shogun could have got his way. perfect revenge beyond the grave.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of A playChapter 1041, you might want to stay away as we will dive into spoiler territory for the current events of Wano War.

Orochi has been an interesting character during this war taking place in the land he rules for alongside Kaido with an iron fist, as the pint-sized tyrant has actually died multiple times and seems to be resurrected just as quickly. that his head is knocked from his shoulders. In previous chapters, Kaido and Kinnemon killed Orochi, decapitating him, only for it to be revealed later that the Shogun of Wano was able to escape death.

In the final episode, Orochi is shown once again watching the carnage unfold as the two sides of Wano battle against each other, but this time the little terror literally drops the ceiling on him in which he cannot transform into his hydra form and is apparently trapped under rubble. In front of him is Komurasaki, alias Kozuki Hiyori the daughter of Oden, who simply wishes to play a song dear to her father in the face of Orochi’s disappearance:

“I love you? You joker, I don’t have the slightest affection for you. Oddly enough, that song you love, ‘Moon Princess’ was also my dad’s favorite, Kozuki Oden. How could it make me to smile ?”

While Orochi has escaped death multiple times during this battle to decide Wano’s fate, it could be the case where the Shogun is unable to save his own life, as Oden’s offspring watches with a lovely face.

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