One Piece Swaps Law’s Gender In Surprising Chapter

A play is going through the first arc of the series finale saga as a whole, and the new chapter of the series really shakes things up by introducing a full canon version of Trafalgar Law with a completely different genre! After the respective crews of Luffy, Law, and Kid left the shores of Wano, it was speculated that it would be a long time before we saw them in action again, as they both took completely different paths from Luffy to navigate. towards the final pursuit of the One. Room. But it looks like series creator Eiichiro Oda has more surprises than expected.

Luffy and the Straw Hats have reached their first island for this final leg of the journey, but as they deal with Dr. Vegapunk and presumably an even bigger conflict to come, Law’s crew goes through their own troubles on a another leg of the journey. The Seas of the New World. He found himself in a fight with Blackbeard’s crew, and one of the many abilities at their disposal changed all of their genders. Resulting in a complete overhaul of Law’s story in the new chapter of the series. Check it out:

Chapter 1063 of A play picks up as Law is suddenly attacked by Blackbeard’s ship. He had waited on one of three potential paths assuming one of the Worst Generation members would take that route, and it happened to be Law. Ever since we last saw Blackbeard’s crew in action, they’ve continued to steal all manner of Devil Fruit abilities. Doc Q’s Sick-Sick Fruit ability allows him to attack with diseases and thus hits Law’s crew with the “feminization disease”.

Law is able to break through this ability with heavy use of his Haki (something he had picked up in the fight against Kaido), and his cure of this “disease” created rapid antibodies which quickly released the rest of the crew too. It was a fun little addition to a fierce battle as Oda is known for inserting a variety of tones into fights. But at the same time, everything will get serious from now on.

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