Orlando radio host, actor Carlos Navarro discusses the road to Hollywood and back

ORLANDO, Florida. – Carlos Navarro is one of the voices behind “Monsters in the Morning” on Real Radio 104.1, but you may recognize him from “The Walking Dead” and the “Hawkeye” series from Marvel Studios, too.

What you might not know is that Navarro’s road to success in Hollywood included him losing his hosting gig with The Monsters and defeating his own monsters to get to where he is today. today.

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“I manifested those moments in the darkest, deepest valleys I’ve ever been in,” Navarro said.

The radio veteran recently sat down with Florida’s Fourth Estate hosts Matt Austin and Ginger Gadsden to share his story.

When it comes to scoring a recurring role on the hit show “The Walking Dead.” Navarro said he trusted it would happen, that he wrote down the goal, prepared for it, and “believed in it wholeheartedly with my emotional being.”

But the man who started “Monsters in the Morning” didn’t want Navarro gone and made it clear.

Navarro said his co-host Russ Rollins, whom he considered more of an uncle, told him while they were on stage at Hard Rock Live, “This is the greatest thing you’ll ever do Carlos, and you will never get anything greater.”

“I used it as fuel and I was like, ‘It’s not going to be the most important thing,'” Navarro said.

After a string of hits, which included a 10-year career with ‘Monsters in the Morning’ that began when he was just 17, Navarro said he hit one of the lowest points ever. of his life. He said he was known to drink too much, and after a series of alcohol-fueled decisions, he was fired.

Things only got worse from there. He was getting acting gigs, but also recounted a time he got into a fight in downtown Orlando and remembered how people were throwing things at him and booing.

But he said his wife did not give up on him and reminded him of his goals. Navarro said she told him, “Carlos, if you stop drinking, you’re gonna be on ‘The Walking Dead’.”

The opportunity did not present itself immediately.

“I went to the audition and I didn’t hear anything for five years,” Navarro said.

During that time, he said they kept calling him back for different roles. Then, on one particular call he received while taking a nap, Navarro said the voice on the other line was holding him back, “You have to be in Atlanta, Georgia, tomorrow. You booked a regular and recurring role, I send you the script and you know nothing about the character, except that his name rhymes with your name, bye.

After taping a few episodes, Navarro said he had the opportunity to meet the show’s screenwriter Scott Gimple.

During the interaction, Navarro said Gimple told him, “‘You know, we’ve always been waiting to find the perfect role for you and man, we’re so happy. “I said, ‘Did you know all the time?’ He said: ‘Knew it all the time? That’s why we named him Alvaro, after Navarro.

To some it may seem like an overnight success, but Navarro said he worked hard, studied the comics, researched the writers and kept auditioning over and over again until he landed the role in popular series.

He also scored a role in Marvel Studios‘ “Hawkeye.”

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During his road to success, Navarro said he posted a passive-aggressive message on social media about his career and those who doubted him, saying he thought it worked.

Then he said he got a text from his former “Monsters in the Morning” co-host, Russ Rollins, apologizing.

Navarro said he needed it. When Real Radio hosted a bowling event soon after, he was invited back as a celebrity guest.

After speaking face-to-face, Navarro said Rollins asked him to stop by the show.

“Never in a million years would I have thought I was going to return to The Monsters,” Navarro said.

But he said he came back with the following mindset: “Oh, I can’t mess it up. This concert is too good. I can come back with this knowledge of being humble, of losing everything, of being able to share that with a dose of laughter, with a dose of humility, and thankfully he was so open to that and the audience was too.

Learn more about Navarro’s story, his role on “Monsters in the Morning,” and his personal development brand on Florida’s Fourth Estate podcast.

Listen to Florida’s Fourth Estate in the audio player below for more.

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