Planned DC movie canceled due to new term

By Charlene Badasie | 16 seconds ago

The DC Extended Universe Live Action Movie, The Wonderful Twins, was canceled by HBO Max. The news comes a few weeks later by Riverdale KJ Apa and 1883 Star Isabel May had been cast as the popular shape-shifting siblings, Zan and Jayna. Production was set to begin in July, with Adam Sztykiel directing and writing the screenplay. Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey were reported as producers for the project which was a joint venture between DC Films, Temple Hill Entertainment and HBO Original Films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project was on the chopping block several weeks ago as a casualty of the new Warner Bros. partnership. Discovery. It’s part of David Zaslav’s mandate that DC movies be developed with a theatrical first focus. The Wonderful Twins was said to be “too niche” for mainstream audiences and was later dropped. The move also follows the CEO’s commitment to cut costs by approximately $3 billion as part of the merger. The HBO film is said to have a budget of $75 million.

Contrary to The wonderful twins Zaslav wants HBO Max original movies to stick to budgets of $35 million and under. The decision was made because the higher budget offerings weren’t bringing in enough money/followers. And lower-cost projects seemed to retain streaming customers very well. Meanwhile, movies in theaters were bringing in truckloads of new people, with The Batman raking in large numbers for the streamer after his cinematic run.

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To like The Wonderful Twinsa lot of things that have been developed are “going to disappear,” an insider told the publication. Seen as an attempted showdown with Marvel, Zaslav vetted very specific candidates before the merger was finalized. He was looking for people with experience building and nurturing successful IPs to find someone with a similar vision to Kevin Feige.

One such candidate included Emma Watts, a former senior film executive at 20th Century Studios and Paramount, Variety reported in April. But it doesn’t look like she’ll take the job since Zaslav is more interested in finding someone with the business savvy to keep all the elements of DC in synergy. That said, it’s less embarrassing to find a creative who can pull off a project like The Wonderful Twins a success.

Although the plot for The Wonderful Twins had been kept secret, the story would have followed the pair of alien siblings to the planet Exxor. Zan and Jayna were first introduced in the 1977 animated series, The All New Super Friends Hour by Hanna Barbera. Due to their popularity, the siblings have also appeared in comic books based on the animated series. And they were then introduced into the main DC Comics universe.

The superhero duo activate their powers by touching hands while saying the phrase “Wonder Twin powers, activate!” Jayna transforms into any animal and Zan can become water in any state. They also have a pet monkey named Gleek, who helps them on their crime-fighting adventures. The Wonderful Twins have starred in DC-themed shows like the Animated Series The Teen Titans Go! and the live TV series Smallville. Characters with these names also appeared in the first season of The flash.

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