Punisher’s controversial new logo and role with the hand

The Punisher’s Controversial New Logo and His Role With the Hand Takes a Closer Look in New Preview of Marvel Comics’ Upcoming Series

Warning! Spoiler for Punisher #1 by Marvel Comics below

Marvel Comics gets a makeover The Punisher for his upcoming series, and an all-new preview gives a deeper look at the controversial anti-hero logo and his role with the hand. Frank Castle stands ready as several hand ninjas climb into a warehouse in the picture. The Punisher sports his new logo and armor, which is a much-needed change for the character that is coming very soon.

The Punisher has been shelved in recent months, after the character’s logo was co-opted by a handful of hate groups – most notably sported by some rioters during the January 6 uprising as America’s Captiol. Marvel was put in a tough spot with what to do next with the character, as the logo became an unfortunate symbol of division and hatred in the real world. So much so that Punisher actor Jon Bernthal called out those sporting the logo, and Castle co-creator Gerry Conway even admits the character needs a reboot. Kevin Smith said he understands why Marvel Comics is evolving The Punisher while expressing hope that they can get the logo back in the future.


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Marvel teased a new look at the upcoming Punisher redesign in Punisher #1 by Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta, and Dave Stewart, where his new Oni-inspired logo takes center stage. Marvel Comics previously revealed that the next chapter of The Punisher stories will feature him joining the Hand and serving the organization’s demonic figure, the Beast. The new image from Marvel Comics features the hero with multiple swords, new armor, and his controversial new logo as he leads the hand in some kind of warehouse battle.


Don’t get me wrong, The Punisher can’t be watered down, as its next limited series will be extremely violent and bloody as Frank Castle continues his deadly quest for revenge. However, this time he’ll be working alongside the hand – which will apparently give him his new Oni-type logo on his usual Punisher skull. It might be controversial to change The Punisher’s logo, but right now Marvel has to try something different if they want to continue with the character.

Will Oni’s new skull be Frank Castle’s permanent look? Almost certainly not. But, since The Punisher’s logo has sadly become a controversial symbol of hate, Marvel Comics has no choice but to take the character in a new direction at this time. Marvel is new Punisher The series hits comic book stores on March 9, 2022.

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