Rebel Wilson secretly entered the Marvel Universe with Ghost Rider

Rebel Wilson is best known for her role in Perfect series of musicals, as well as the Oscar JoJo Rabbit. She also stars in the Netflix comedy Secondary year, about a high school student who wakes up after a 17-year coma. As Wilson continues to experiment in his career with a role in the upcoming British drama The almond and the seahorse, fans might be wondering if she’ll join so many other beloved actors in Marvel Studios’ sprawling cinematic universe project as a classic comic book character. However, the Aussie actor once had an original role in an underrated Marvel movie.

In 2007 ghost rider, directed by Mark Steven Johnson, Rebel Wilson plays a minor character credited simply as “Girl in Alley”. However, it has more impact on the film’s story than this generic title suggests. Wilson is there for one of the comic book antihero’s first evil acts of justice, and her description of the skeletal figure to a reporter is a reminder of just how weird superheroes can be. Dressed in black and wearing various necklaces and bracelets, Wilson’s character is also the image of a quintessential goth, which only makes the two-scene wonder more memorable.

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The first time Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) transforms into the skeletal, constantly on fire Ghost Rider, he finds a woman calling for help while being stabbed for her purse. Ghost Rider growls at the aliens and tricks the woman into running away. Even though Wilson plays this character with an American accent, her native Australian comes out when she replies “Thank you” before running off. Ghost Rider then seemingly kills the thug with his legendary “Penance Stare”, which causes him to feel all the pain he’s ever inflicted on others at once.

Johnny meets the woman again the next day, being interviewed by Eva Mendes’ reporter Roxanne. Roxanne patiently listens to Wilson’s description of the “good Samaritan” but becomes skeptical and frustrated when she nonchalantly reveals that “his face was a skull and he was on fire”. The scene is an early example of Wilson’s career-defining comedy acting as she mimics the flames at Roxanne before turning to the television audience as if providing helpful testimony. She goes on to say that “it was a sharp look at him, but he totally pulled it off,” a hilariously deadpan assessment of the nightmarish supernatural figure she witnessed the night before.

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Along with his dialogue, Wilson’s wardrobe helps shape the character and reveals more about his personality. In the interview scene, she wears a tank top with the text “I leave bite marks”. In the mugging scene, she’s wearing a t-shirt with a phrase that starts “Girls…”, and it would be a fun find in niche pop culture trivia to find out what the rest of the t-shirt said. . The character also wears studded rings and bracelets, making her completely at home in the edgy, rock and roll world of ghost rider.

Just like Kevin Feige felt there was no need to recast classic Spider-Man villains in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, some fans might think Nicolas Cage should return to play Johnny Blaze in the MCU. The multiverse could make this possible by bringing this ghost rider film in the current universe of Marvel Studios. Even if it were to happen, Girl in Alley is unlikely to return for an encore appearance. However, that shouldn’t stop Rebel Wilson from returning to play a new character who could be just as memorable.

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