Red X’s Identity Mystery Finally Gets The Clue We’ve Been Waiting For

DC Comics just dropped a significant clue and teased who the person behind the Red X mask is in the latest Teen Titans Academy #11.

Warning! Spoiler for Teen Titans Academy #11 by DC Comics

DC Comics just dropped a huge tease about the identity of red x in Teen Titans Academy #11, as new clues reveal student Brick Pettirosso may be the person behind the mask. In the final issue, Red X shows off his powers and sends a massive energy blast to Titans Academy, which matches perfectly with the abilities Pettirosso showed off earlier in the series.

Red X first made a name for itself in the Teen Titans animated series, as Dick Grayson started pretending to be the villain to get closer to Deathstroke. However, after dropping the suit, a mysterious person stole the identity and used the Red X personality to work against and alongside the Titans. Red X made his mainstream comic debut in the future state event, where the masked hero was freed from prison by Dick Grayson, where they fought against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the current timeline, a third Red X has infiltrated Titans Academy numerous times, and now readers are learning why.


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In Teen Titans Academy #11 by Tim Sheridan, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Brent Peeples, Alex Sinclair, Matt Herms, and Rob Leigh, Red X protects Dane, whose death leads to the creation of The Great Unkindness, telling the Titans he won’t let them don’t kill him. The comic returns two months before the current attack on Titans Academy, where Red X talks to a mysterious figure about planning his next move. His boss asks him his motives for revealing his identity to the Bat-Pack and questions his loyalty. In the present, the Red X unleashes its enormous powers, hitting Titans Academy with a powerful explosion. These powers are very similar to the one demonstrated by a student: Brick Pettirosso.

Red X DC Comics

Brick Pettirosso has incredible energy/EMP powers seen earlier in the series, similar to those of Red X. Other clues supporting that Brick is Red X come from a moment in the Titans’ crossover with the Suicide Squad, where the vigilante masked shut down the high-tech prison holding him using his powers (seen below) – which an EMP blast would do. Additionally, during Red X’s heists, Brick cannot be counted and has been largely absent from the series. In the future state timeline, Brick is MIA so he can work alongside the second Red X of Teen Titans (possibly the mysterious flashback figure) to save the world and prevent the darkest timeline for the super-team.

The clues may be another fake and Brick may not be Red X. But, at this point, all the signs, his past interactions, and his powers point to the mysterious Teen Titans Academy figure being the real face behind the mask. DC will officially reveal red x’s true identity in the future teen Titan Academy #12. Teen Titans Academy #11 is in comic book stores now.

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