Regal Movie Theaters Hype Marvel Film in ScreenX


Regal Movies wants you to see Black Widow on ScreenX. The company today unveiled the unique 270-degree panoramic image on Twitter ahead of the Marvel movie’s big premiere. Moviegoers have been waiting for a year for Scarlet Johansson’s solo feature film, and it’s finally here. Some people will choose to see Black Widow on the biggest screen possible. This means that ScreenX must also be paired with IMAX. Seeing the effect of splitting the image into thirds is a bit trippy, but there’s no doubt the movie would look even more like a show with that kind of presentation. (Seeing something like Interstellar or Avengers: Endgame on this screen would be more than wild.) Check out some of the wild footage from Regal’s theaters below:

Black Widow has been in the works for a long time. Disney + ‘s digital release strategy remains in place for this film, but fans are wondering how long that will be. Marvel producer Victoria Alonso told Bionic Buzz that she hopes people will see him in theaters. “We finished it from our homes. I mean, I have a big TV, but it’s not ten yards. [on a big screen] but to see it with people – more than on the big screen – we want to make sure that people can do community in the movies, which I hope will continue to be who we are as people. We love Disney +, we love to see this house, but there is something really special about going to the movies. “

Regal describes his ScreenX experience:

“Regal is changing the entertainment landscape with ScreenX; a revolutionary multi-projection theatrical experience that extends the screen to the walls of the auditorium. This immersive format takes traditional cinema even further, surrounding audiences with a 270-degree panoramic visual and placing them at the center of the action. Soar to the far reaches of outer space or explore the depths of the ocean with this incredible technology, and experience the thrill of the movies like never before.

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