Rick and Morty reveal Jessica’s epic time god powers


Jessica became a “Time God” in Rick and Morty season 5, and now Rick’s final battle with Mr. Nimbus reveals the powers she obtained as a result.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty: Mr. Nimbus # 1!

Jessica has been a constant supporting character throughout Rick and morty, as Morty’s main romantic obsession. Jessica was the unwitting catalyst for some classics Rick and morty adventures, suffering alongside other acquaintances of the Smith family when the going goes wrong, but she hardly ever took part in any of them until Season 5, Episode 1, “Mort Dinner Rick Andre. There she was stolen and frozen in time, thus becoming a literal god. Now, with her latest appearance, fans can see the extent of Jessica’s newfound powers and the role she plays in the fate of the world.

Jessica got the powers of a time god after a movie date with Morty went south. In the episode, Rick hosts a dinner party with Mr. Nimbus to re-sign a peace treaty between land and sea. To celebrate the occasion, Rick and Morty travel to a dimension in which time flies so much faster. relationship to their universe to quickly age the wine for Nimbus. When Morty returns to the dimension unbeknownst to Rick, he alters their timeline and becomes a mythical demon in their story. This civilization advances to interdimensional travel and enters the universe of Rick and Morty, where they kidnap Jessica and freeze her in crystallized stasis, where she observes the endless passage of time and becomes enlightened by her experience.

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In Rick and morty Season 5, Episode 1, it seems the change that happened to Jessica was simply enlightenment, as she gained the power to see all points through time and became an omniscient entity. But in the one-shot comic Rick and Morty: Mr. Nimbus # 1 written by Alex Firer with illustrations by Ryan Lee and Doug Garbark, Jessica’s powers go one step further. While her initial power set is in place as an omniscient entity, fans are shown that Jessica is now also immune to the aging process and has become eternal as the comic book issue opens in l 5,000,000 year without Jessica having aged a day. . Jessica also has the power of telepathic blasts, and is shown to fire a devastating beam from her forehead, proving that her powers have evolved to produce physical projections.

In Rick and Morty: Mr. Nimbus # 1, Jessica primarily acts as the narrator of the story of Rick and Mr. Nimbus’s relationship, leading to their future final battle which is so epic it brings about the end of the world. Jessica shows that she’s not just a spectator in their battle, as evidenced by when she interrupts the end-of-the-world fight between Rick and Nimbus by using her telepathic blast to destroy Rick’s portal, which sends the two through an eternity of new timelines where their relationship doesn’t end so disastrously.

While fans wondered what happened to Jessica after she became a time god in “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”, Rick and Morty: Mr. Nimbus # 1 shows that she has become more powerful than fans could have imagined. Throughout her life, beyond her new status as a goddess, Jessica harnesses and develops her power not only to see time, but in a sense, wield and manipulate it to the point of causing physical explosions and access. alternative to the timeline. Jessica lived up to his status as a Time God, as evidenced by a display of his epic powers in the last Rick and morty adventure.

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