Riverdale Showrunner Unpacks Explosive Season 6 Return

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 6, Episode 6, “Chapter One Hundred One: Amazing,” which airs Sunday, March 20 on The CW.

Riverdale entered Stephen King territory in last night’s “Chapter One Hundred One: Incredible.” In the aftermath of the bomb explosion, Archie and Betty found themselves manifesting strange new abilities. Archie has demonstrated increased strength and invulnerability. Meanwhile, Betty can now see evil auras around people, allowing her to capture a murderer. The weird continued as an exorcism performed on Britta backfired. Nana Rose instigated an incantation that allowed a reincarnated Abigail, a descendant of Blossom who was burned at the stake by the people of Riverdale for being a witch, to be reincarnated in Cheryl. There were even more with the Trash Bag Killer (TBK) coming to town and claiming his latest victim.

Riverdale Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently spoke with CBR about Archie and Betty being powered up, Abigail taking over Cheryl’s body, and the return of the TBK Killer.

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CBR: Archie and Betty gained strange new abilities. Archie seems stronger and more invulnerable. Betty can read people’s auras. How did you land on these freebies and how will they factor into the season?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa: First of all, please call them gifts and not superpowers. We’re definitely leaning into giveaways. There is such a proud tradition in Archie Comics. Obviously, the bread and butter of Archie Comics is the love triangle and those humorous summaries, but there have always been those weird comics. There was Archie’s Strange Mysteries, Jughead’s Time Policeand Archie’s crazy house. We kind of thought, “It would be so much fun this season to pay homage to those comics.”

That said, we wanted to keep it grounded in a version of reality. We kind of imagined, “What if M. Night Shyamalan or Stephen King were in the writers room? Could we wade through those waters and that genre in a realistic, grounded way?” The answer is yes.” What happened to them in that room, when that bomb went off, will resonate throughout the season as their gifts evolve. They will certainly factor into the larger storylines of this season. .

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Abigail possessed Cheryl’s body. Now that she’s in the flesh, what can you say about her master plan? What does she want?

She wants three things. She wants to live again, which she does. Abigail wants to prosper. She wants revenge on the descendants of the people who burned her at the stake, namely Archie, Betty, and Jughead. As soon as she crosses paths with Toni, she will want to get as close as possible to reuniting with her beloved Thomasina. Revenge and love is what Abigail wants in her beautiful new body.

Where is Cheryl’s soul?

Where is Cheryl? Oh, she’s in there. I’m glad you asked because it’s not Abigail anymore. Cheryl is still in play. In truth, Abigail’s big story is with Cheryl. She’s in there for sure, struggling to break free.

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RIP Glen Scot, Betty’s FBI boss as the TBK strikes again. What can you say about his return?

A lot of people thought Glen was the Black Hood. Hopefully after this episode people will stop thinking that. The trash bag killer is back. We have been playing Trash Bag Killer for over a year. It’s a great storyline for this season. He came to Riverdale and his first victim is one of Betty’s sworn enemies.

That can’t suit Betty. Is this serial killer his next obsession?

The answer is yes, absolutely. TBK is his big bow. I would say that is more what TBK unlocks in her. I won’t say it’s a direct, procedural FBI story with Betty. This is always what TBK reflects in her. Betty’s relationship with Archie is a big story. We’ve barely introduced our big baddie for the season, and it’s not even TBK. She has a lot to do, that’s for sure.

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Veronica went down a very dark rabbit hole by placing a bounty on the head of her father, Hiram Lodge. We never saw a body. Is Hiram dead?

What can I say ? I think he’s as dead as the characters are Riverdale. That is to say, he is rather dead. Yes, he is dead. He wasn’t in Riverdale when he died. Usually it’s people who are in Riverdale, who die in Riverdale, who come back. He looks quite dead.

What kind of fallout can Veronica expect from these actions?

What we kind of realized is for better or for worse, Hiram was such a titanic presence in Veronica’s life. There was such a back and forth between them that if Hiram was really, really dead, it would weigh so heavily on him. I don’t mean Veronica is defined by Hiram’s death this season, but she pulls it off. She struggles with this void in her life and how she works to fill it is a big story for her…and a complicated one. The fact that she put the bounty on Hiram’s head and immediately wanted to take it back was very true. It makes a lot of sense to Veronica and says a lot about their complicated relationship.

Watch the second half of Riverdale Season 6 airing Sundays on The CW.

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