Rogue & Gambit X-Men Marvel Fortnite Skins in Today’s Item Shop – February 24/25, 2022

X-Men’s Rogue and Gambit will be in the Fortnite Item Shop today (February 24/25, 2022).

The very first Fortnite collaboration we had was back in Chapter 1 Season 4 when the Avengers: Infinity War x Fortnite mashup was announced. During the mashup, a new Infinity Gauntlet LTM was introduced which turned players into Thanos.

This was then followed by the End Game LTM, which introduced the first set of Marvel cosmetics. Fast forward to today and we’ve had over fifty collaborations. The latest crossover, Uncharted x Fortnite, includes cosmetics in the Item Shop as well as Drake’s Map.

There’s no sign of Epic Games slowing down with these crossovers, and we’ve got a brand new one coming when the Item Shop resets. Data miners have revealed that X-Men’s Rogue and Gambit will make their way into the Fortnite universe.

Gambit & Rogue Fortnite X-Men Skins

Hours before the Item Shop resets, data miners go through the API to reveal what sections of the Shop will be. This can sometimes lead to leaks that were not known before. Epic will sometimes encrypt skins, making it extremely difficult for leakers to miner data.

Along with the store sections reveal, data miners said there is a Rogue & Gambit section for February 24-25, 2022. We don’t know what the skins will look like or how much they will cost.

However, crypto skins are usually decrypted before they are made available for purchase, so we will update this as soon as images leak of Gambit and Rogue Fortnite skins.

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