Scarlett Johansson has a ‘top secret’ Marvel project in the works


A few months ago, it looks like Scarlett Johansson entered superhero retirement for good. Black Widow made his Marvel contract with a final film – a prequel in fact, since his character is already technically dead in Avengers: Endgame. Then Johansson’s Marvel career really reviewed, when it sued Disney, the company’s decision to make Black Widow available on Disney +. She claimed the move cost her millions of dollars in salary because her contract supposedly required her to receive some of the box office receipts, but not flow of money.

But now this saga – which in fact could be more interesting than Black Widow at this point – took a turn. Johansson and Disney settled their lawsuit in September. And this week, Marvel big boss Kevin Feige hinted that Johansson is back at Marvel to work on something new.

According to Deadline, Feige made the comments during a homage at the US Film Library to Johansson, here he claimed they were collaborating on a “top secret Marvel Studios project … which he says has nothing to do with it. Black Widow character, Natasha Romanoff.

So what could it be? It seems highly unlikely that Johansson will play another Marvel character, given how closely she is associated with Black Widow. Maybe she could express an alien or some other type of fully digital character, like a rocket, Groot, or Thanos. But she also has a very distinctive voice – it’s hard to imagine not recognizing her (and even being a little distracted by) in such an example. Having said that, I think the most likely idea is that Marvel is working on a Disney + movie or series for the new Black Widow character, played by Florence Pugh, and Johansson is involved as a producer. After all, Feige said it had nothing to do with her Black Widow character. That’s not to say it can’t involve another Black Widow.

In the meantime, after all this legal wrangling and fighting in the press, Black Widow is currently available on Disney +.

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