‘Shared Universe is F*cking Hard’: The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke reveals that despite Show’s runaway success, he needs Kevin Feige’s help to create an MCU-inspired ‘VCU’

After The Boys Presents: Devilish, Amazon Prime is set to release another spin-off set in the universe of The Boys in 2023. This time it’s The Boys Present: Varsity or simply University. This is the second spin-off in the series and will mainly focus on some university students who are young adult supes who are tested at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, run by Vought International. As this superhero universe begins to expand, showrunner Eric Kripke explains why he owes it to MCU legend Kevin Feige.

The Boys college spin-off is in development

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The boys’ VCU owes the MCU:

The boys
The Seven is the main superhero team featured in The Boys series

The Boys’ Universe is called the Vought Cinematic Universe after the infamous company that runs these notorious supes on the show. The mastermind behind The Boys’ Universe Eric Kripke has revealed that Kevin Feige and his Marvel Cinematic Universe helped him a lot in establishing this new superhero universe.

While the Season 3 finale just debuted a few days ago on the streaming platform, Eric Kripke revealed that the pilot show will tie into the spin-off and crossovers can be expected. According to him, Marvel has helped him a lot in this concept of a shared universe because they have always been a pro in this connection point:

“I pay homage to Kevin Feige – because we’re doing this thing where, in a way, the spinoff picks up elements from the end of our season, carries that ball forward, and then the next season of ‘The Boys’ picks because there’s character crossovers and there’s a presidential campaign in the background. There’s just all these things in the world that we have to address and cover.

Eric Kripke added that it’s not child’s play to create a vast series of stories in the same universe. Creators not only have stories to tell, but also need to make things happen massive story ahead:

“This shared universe is fucking hard, man, because it’s ultimately all episodes of the same giant series. So by making them all not only entertaining at home, but telling this massive meta-story going forward, I give a lot of credit to Kevin Feige.

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Do The Boys Really Like MCU?

The Boys owes Marvel
The Boys’ iconic robbery scene

It’s been countless times since The Boys has openly followed MCU through its dialogue, storylines, multiple subplots, and in countless other ways. It was consistently hailed as one of the most groundbreaking stories of all time that broke all stereotypes of superhero movies ever released and as a result, the show repeatedly poked fun at other studios. of superheroes, primarily the MCU.

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Even though the show never gave a single chance to not roast MCU, there’s no denying that without MCU, this idea of ​​a shared universe would never have reached the heights it is at now. So in some way every burgeoning shared movie or series universe owes Marvel this brilliant idea and no matter how many times VCU has roasted MCU it’s their own unique way of telling stories and don’t not contradict the fact that MCU helped a lot in achieving the overwhelming success.

You can stream all seasons of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Variety

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