She-Hulk finally answers if Captain America was a virgin

MCU fans have been wondering for a while now if Steve Rogers was a virgin. It’s a weird thing to think about, we know, but for a very long time there’s been a theory that poor Steve might have popped his hooves before he popped his cherry. Thankfully, the new Marvel She-Hulk series has finally given us a definitive answer to this oddly thirsty question.

First, let’s see why people think Steve was a 105-year-old virgin. We know that before Steve got the super soldier serum he didn’t have much luck with the ladies, but what about after he became America’s ass? Well, a lot of people assumed that between war, freezing, revenge, and constant global crises, Steve didn’t have much time to date.

So Was Captain America a virgin? Well, the first episode of the new She-Hulk Marvel series really takes the time to explore that question, with Bruce Banner dropping hot tea (Editor: Is that what the kids say?) about Star Spangled Man. Sweet spoilers for She-Hulk ahead!

Was Captain America a virgin?

No, Captain America was not a virgin. Despite what Jen and a number of other people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe think, Steve hasn’t spent all his time kicking Nazi ass and getting revenge. He had a life outside of his red and blue pajamas.

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According to Hulk, Steve lost his virginity during World War II. “Steve Rogers is not a virgin,” Hulk patiently explains to his cousin. “He lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour.”

So this is it. Captain America fucked. Are you happy now? You finally know. Of course, to throw a spanner in the works, it’s possible Roger made up this story just to shut up Tony Stark, who we imagine was definitely “brother” enough to tease his fellow superhero about his lack of live.

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After all, the whole “girl on the USO tour” explanation sounds dangerously close to the superhero equivalent of “yeah, I have a girlfriend she lives in another decade, you wouldn’t know her”.

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