Simu Liu Has A Very Specific Review Of Marvel’s New Moon Knight Disney+ Series, And He’s Not Alone

Mild spoilers for Moon Knight’s latest episode, “Summon the Suit,” await.

So far, Marvel Studios Moon Knight received positive reviews from critics as well as enthusiastic responses from fans. Many seem impressed with Oscar Isaac’s performance as the main protagonist (wild accent and all) as well as Ethan Hawke’s turn as the villain. Besides fans and critics, Shang Chi Star Simu Liu also tuned into the superhero show. And it looks like he has a specific criticism of Hawke’s character on the Disney+ show, which is shared by a number of others.

During the second episode of Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant has another encounter with Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, who then shows the former gift shop employee around his compound. While touring the area, Harrow has a brief exchange with one of his younger cult members, during which they address each other by speaking Mandarin Chinese. When Grant inquires about their use of another language, the villain explains that everyone in his community yearns to learn three dialects.

Simu Liu, however, wasn’t too impressed with what he heard from the character. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star took Twitter drop an honest reaction to the use of Mandarin in the show. Check it out below:

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the Kim’s Convenience the alum’s message was soon followed by a chorus of other reactions from colleagues Moon Knight the viewers. One user, who explained that he had been studying the language for a while, admitted to being confused by the scene:

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It is true that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was praised by audiences for its artful depiction of the language. On top of that, many were also impressed that the movie chose to build a cast mainly composed of Asian actors.

Others seem to theorize why the use of Mandarin Chinese may not have been accurate. Another user dropped an idea, which he relates to the worshipful atmosphere depicted:

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On the other hand, a user didn’t care about language usage at all. This is due to their belief that it is used to fulfill a conventional story trope:

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Simu Liu has been a strong advocate for proper portrayal of Asia in film and television. Liu, who immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was young, expressed his pride in his culture and talked about how much accurate portrayal can mean to viewers. Based on this, it may not be too surprising to some that he chooses to speak out on the matter.

Chances are that Arthur Harrow’s use of Mandarin Chinese is reduced to a single scene and probably doesn’t come into play because Moon Knight walks painfully. If the character uses one of the other languages ​​he learned, chances are other viewers could follow Simu Liu’s lead and share their thoughts.

Moon Knight releases new episodes on Wednesdays, and you’ll need a Disney+ subscription to check it. You can also check out CinemaBlend 2022 TV Schedule for more on other Marvel shows hitting the small screen this year.

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