Simu Liu teases the Barbie movie’s dance sequence and how he landed the role opposite Margot Robbie

You might know Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu as Marvel superhero Shang-Chi, a great fighter who isn’t afraid to show off his martial arts moves. Liu’s next project we’re talking about isn’t the Marvel star gets ripped for another superhero movie, but for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film! He’s a Kung Fu boy in a Barbie world. Simu Liu entices us with hype as he explains how he landed the role opposite Margo Robbie, along with a dance sequence he’ll be featured in.

At Margot Robbie’s Barbie recruited Marvel star Simu Liu, who did not undergo martial arts training for his new role, but rather dance rehearsals. It is unclear what his role is in upcoming movie will be, but it looks like it will be yet another physical role involving him being light on his feet. Simu Liu spoke to GQ magazine on how he got his role Barbie:

Greta was talking about how much she loved watching men dance, because it’s such an artistic expression that you’re not used to seeing in typical men… [Upon discovering Liu’s dance background] She laughed audibly, she screamed with laughter – and then I got the part.

The Shang-Chi actor landed the role after a group call with his team about potential big-budget movies he could star in next. While it seemed none of the options presented were impressive, a junior agent got his hands on “one of the best scripts he’s ever read.” After persuading him to try this new movie, Simu Liu arranged a self-recorded audition and an impressed Greta Gerwig asked to see it in person. Once he mentioned to her that he was on a hip-hop dance crew while in college, she was sold. Can you guess which song Simu Liu will be dancing to? Anyway, it’s unfortunately won’t be Aqua Barbie Girl. Maybe it’s for the best, because we may have gotten a twisted revamped version of the classic upbeat ’90s hit.

Simu Liu got her lead role in the Canadian comedy series Kim’s Convenience before breaking into the big leagues as superhero Shang-Chi in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. You can also expect to see the 33-year-old resume his role in the next Shang Chi after and keep kicking ass on the big screen. With upcoming movie projects and a memoir on the shelves now, it looks like only big things are happening to this talented actor.

the Barbie the movie went through a lot of ups and downs. One of these setbacks being that Amy Schumer dropped out of the project due to creative conflicts over her dislike of Barbie’s latest invention of a high-heeled jello shoe. Can’t blame her there, but fear not, as a blonde bombshell Margot Robbie will take on the title role. It’s no surprise his match is another blonde bombshell, with Ryan Gosling as Ken. Seeing Simu Liu dance towards the world of Barbie, her role alone is enough to make me anxious for this new movie.

You can currently watch Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with your Disney+ subscription. Feel free to also take a look at Simu Liu’s breakout role in Kim’s Convenience with your Netflix subscription also.

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