Sony and Marvel Considered Kraven the Hunter for All Three Spider-Man Movies

Spidey’s popular nemesis Kraven the Hunter nearly debuted in all three Tom Holland Spider-Man films, but Marvel and Sony ultimately pulled it off each time.

While it’s no surprise that Kraven the Hunter nearly made it into the multiversal cast of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, the film’s writers revealed that one of Spidey’s oldest and deadliest foes was actually considered for all three films in the series. Back home trilogy.

No coming home Writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers recently discussed how close Kraven was to making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. During an interview with The envelope, McKenna revealed that Kraven appeared in the drafts as the villain not only No coming home corn Back home and Far from home also. McKenna noted, “I don’t think there was a draft of any of the Spider Man movies where Kraven the Hunter didn’t…” “He wasn’t the bad guy, yeah,” Sommers concluded.

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McKenna then revealed that The Hunter was originally written as the main antagonist of No coming home before bringing back villains from old Spider Man movies was even considered. “We were coming up with different storylines…so inevitably we were like, ‘Well, what if Kraven, what if other villains? We debated a lot of different ideas,” McKenna said. It was ultimately Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige who came up with the idea to make a Sinister Six movie, which McKenna says “did it all. to jump”.

McKenna also spoke about how the delay Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness forced the writers to polish No coming home, which was originally written to be defined after Multiverse of Madness. “When we started breaking the story and even started writing the script, we followed Doctor Strange 2 in the timeline,” McKenna said. “So during pre-production, things were pushed and changed… [We were] dealing with the idea, if we’re going to use Doctor Strange, where is Doctor Strange in his life and how do we get out of this movie and how is that going to affect this story?”

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So fans can catch more of Doctor Strange when Multiverse of Madness will hit theaters in May, those eagerly awaiting Kraven’s live-action debut may have to wait for Sony to release its Kraven the hunter film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson in early 2023. Until then, however, fans can watch closely No coming home for their live Kraven fix instead, as Kraven’s silhouette can be seen in the Multiversal Rift during No coming home‘s final. It might even set up a future appearance alongside Rhino and Scorpion, whose silhouettes can also be seen.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home now plays exclusively in theaters.

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