Sorry Wolverine, Tony Stark Just Became Marvel’s Deadliest Man Alive

Wolverine is considered “the best at what he does” in the Marvel Universe, but a recent development increases Iron Man’s deadly potential.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Iron Man #24In Marvel Comics traditions, Iron Man is well known for his genius intellect matched only by his own stubborn nature, but his latest scheme has now made him more dangerous than even Wolverine. When Iron Man has an idea in his head, nothing will stand in his way if he thinks it will help the most people. But just because Iron Man thinks he’s right doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the case.

Logan is often referred to as “the best at what he does” and within Marvel Comics he is widely regarded as one of the world’s deadliest men. Having faced countless enemies for nearly two centuries, there are few threats quite like Wolverine. But a new development in Iron Man #24 by Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta makes one thing very clear – Iron Man is now way out of Logan’s league.


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After a confrontation with Force and Spymaster, Iron Man, War Machine, and Cobalt Man – now revealed to be Ironheart fan favorite Riri Williams – return to safety to discuss Riri’s possession of the legendary Ten Rings of the Mandarin. While Riri wants to keep the Rings to study and use as a force for good, Iron Man is against it, arguing that they are far too dangerous and corrupt to keep. In the ensuing argument, he confirms a seismic change in his status by stating:I cleaned source control out. I now own more weapons than the rest of the known world.“Although this drastic measure was taken to protect the world, it doesn’t change the fact that Iron Man could now be a threat on a planetary scale if he wanted to – a title not even Logan can claim.

Tony Stark: Genius, (former) billionaire, master-at-arms

Iron Man Weapons

Thanks to his incredible healing factor and his adamantium claws, Wolverine is an almost unrivaled killer. With lifetimes of experience and unmatched skills, the list of people more dangerous than the fan-favorite member of the X-Men is extremely short. But while Logan is incredibly deadly on a man-to-man scale, Weapon X’s deadly potential pales in comparison to the arsenal Iron Man has now amassed.

It’s true that Iron Man gathered these weapons with the goal of dismantling them and making the world a safer place, but if one of his many rivals gets their hands on this gear – or even if Tony just changes his mind – the consequences could be disastrous for the Marvel Universe. Iron Man now has access to more weapons than any nation on earth, putting him in the same caliber of power as superpowered beings like Magneto and Thor, and far exceeding the lethality of killers like Logan.

Iron Man may have stored these weapons with the intention of destroying them, but Tony Stark’s intentions don’t always work as intended. And while Wolverine is still one of the deadliest killers in comics, this change in status quo puts his former Avengers teammate in a whole different category. Wolverine may still be the best at what he does, but now Marvel ComicsIron Man is the deadliest man alive.

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