Spider-Man Fortnite skin leaked with Mythic Spider Web Shooters item


It’s finally happening. There will be a Spider-Man Fortnite skin in Chapter 3. It also looks like we’ll have spiderweb shooters as a Mythic item.

With Epic Games asking data miners not to disclose anything during Chapter 3 downtime, it was a surprise when we saw a TikTok commercial showing a cinematic trailer or clip after the event taking place today. ‘hui.

The worst part is that the entire Chapter 3 Battle Pass video was leaked by Epic Games themselves. Although it was removed quickly, that didn’t stop players from quickly downloading it and posting it online.

There have been many great YouTubers who posted this on Twitter and YouTube, but we could see Epic get them deleted, although that seems unlikely considering it seems like a large number of gamers have already seen the teaser.

As with all Battle Pass trailers in Fortnite, not only do they showcase the new skins, but they also introduce new features for the new season or chapter. This trailer was no different with many new features leaked.

We’ve covered some of the map changes as well as the new sliding mechanism and the trailer itself. Players love Fortnite skins, so we’ll be going over some of the Battle Pass skins, including the main cosmetic, the Spider-Man skin!

Fortnite Spider-Man Skin

We knew a Spider-Man Fortnite skin would be coming to the game. A few leaks stated that Spider-Man would be coming to the game in Chapter 3 of Season 1. It made sense with the release of the Marvel’s Spider-Man movie: No Way Home in mid-December.

However, it was expected that Spider-Man would come out in the Item Shop a day before the movie’s release with the ability to complete certain challenges to earn free rewards.

Epic has decided it’s best to have Spider-Man in the Battle Pass and here’s a look at the skin along with the two additional skin styles that can be unlocked as you progress through the season:

Spider-Man Fortnite skins

Mythical item from Spider-Man Fortnite

Not only are we getting the Spider-Man Fortnite skin, but it also looks like there will be a Mythic item as well. In the trailer, you can see a character using Spider-Man’s web launchers. You can also clearly see that the character is wearing the Spider-Man gloves, as shown below:

Mythical item from Spider-Man Fortnite
Mythical item from Spider-Man Fortnite

Based on the above, there is a chance that we could see Spider-Man as a boss for Chapter 3 similar to what we saw with Iron Man in Chapter 2. There was an Iron Man boss. at his Stark Industries location and once you defeated him you could pick up his Mythic Items.

With so many leaks already, it’ll be interesting to see what else Epic has in store for us in the new chapter.


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