[SPOILER] Enter the fray in new footage from Episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan”

The fourth episode of The boys season 3 is now streaming on Prime Video, and there was no shortage of madness and mayhem as a certain character finally made his presence felt. Spoilers ahead…

After some frustrating technical difficulties (blame Vought!), the fourth episode of The boys season 3 has arrived on Prime Video, and the final moments finally saw Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) make his presence felt in a big way.

Thought to have been killed in a botched operation in Nicaragua in the chaos of World War II, the formidable Supe was actually kept on ice and experimented on by the Russians. Billy Butcher, Hughie (now both powered by “Temp-V”) and the rest of the gang infiltrate the facility thinking they’ll find a weapon devastating enough to take out Homelander, only to find that weapon is in makes a very lively – and now even more powerful – Soldier Boy.

Coming out of her room, the former leader of Payback fires a radioactive blast at Kimiko, who is thrown through a wall and impaled on a steel bar. Frenchie realizes that “my heart” isn’t healing like it usually would, and the boys rush to get her medical treatment while Soldier Boy flees.

Otherwise, “Glorious Five Year Plan” was your typical episode, with lots of gore, guts, murders with dildos and super-powered hamsters.

Check out some official Soldier Boy photos below and let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments.

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