Stargirl prepares Cindy Burman to join the JSA


Eclipso managed to tear Courtney’s JSA apart by exposing their fears, regrets, and trauma. In episode 11, she gets new allies to defeat him.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Stargirl Season 2, Episode 11, “Summer School: Chapter 11,” which aired Tuesday, October 19 on The CW.

Eclipso is not a force to negotiate with. Even when he masquerades as a friend who will contribute to another person’s goals, he still has an ulterior motive – a detail Cindy Burman has learned the hard way.

All along Star girl Season 2, Cindy dreamed of getting revenge on Courtney Whitmore for upsetting the comfortable status quo she was used to in Blue Valley. This included the successful dismantling of the ISA by Courtney (of which Cindy’s father, Dragon King, was a member), which coincided with Cindy’s removal from school in Season 1. She worked behind the scenes to make his revenge plans a reality, even recruiting the children of the mostly deceased ISA members to form a new ISA.

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Cindy knew she couldn’t stand up against Courtney’s mighty cosmic staff without her own source of energy. So she tried to harness Eclipso’s power as a counterweight. Eclipso, however, had his own plans and decided to play the long game until the time came for him to finally escape the black diamond that kept him trapped. He manipulated Cindy by exploiting her negative emotions until he put her in the right place at the right time with the right people. In the end, Eclipso played Cindy and once he got what he wanted he got rid of her by transporting her to the Shadowlands.

Episode 11 follows on from what Cindy has been up to since her transport to the Shadowlands and finds her darker and meaner than before. In a place where she continues to encounter her past traumas, regrets and fears over and over again, Cindy has grown accustomed to killing her hatred to the point of no longer questioning her reality. When Courtney herself finds herself in the Shadowlands and meets Cindy, the latter is genuinely surprised to see her there. However, things are not exactly rosy between them.

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In the real world, Courtney’s family enlist The Shade’s help in bringing Courtney back from the Shadowlands. The Shadow successfully opens a portal between the worlds and locates Courtney. The latter, however, chooses not to leave the Shadowlands alone. Courtney also helps Cindy and the original Dr. Mid-Nite, Charles McNider, escape.

Although Courtney and Cindy suddenly aren’t best friends for life after a successful rescue, Cindy at least feels indebted to Courtney for bringing her out of the Shadowlands. As such, she joins – perhaps temporarily – Courtney’s JSA in order to kill Eclipso for her betrayal. Cindy, however, is not the only person to join Courtney’s JSA in this effort. Jennie-Lynn Hayden also joins, although she was not directly affected by Eclipso’s reign of terror. At least not yet.

Although Jennie-Lynn’s appearances on Star girl have been fairly rare throughout Season 2, she is still an important heroine in the JSA legacy. As the biological daughter of the original JSA Green Lantern, Alan Scott, she is the only person who can control the power of the Green Flame that resides in Alan’s Ring of Power. Since she is also looking for her twin brother, Todd Rice, he too could be a big player in Eclipso’s defeat. While Todd’s version of the series looks like his comic book counterpart, he also possesses shadow-based powers, meaning he may be the only hero inherited from the JSA with the power to re – imprison Eclipso in the black diamond.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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