Steve Spielberg’s Fabelmans to break bread in theaters next Thanksgiving

Steven Spielberg’s next film The Fabelman has just announced its release date. The project will arrive in theaters close to Thanksgiving next year. The Fabelmans, which is based on Spielberg’s childhood, is due out in theaters on November 23, 2022. Universal Pictures and Amblin are creating the film.

The movie may be delayed. The film could shift its schedule if a big budget movie changes its release date to move closer to the Steven Spielberg drama. If the title stays on schedule, it will arrive the same day as a currently untitled Disney movie. Additionally, the project will arrive two weeks after the Marvel Cinematic Universe release. Black Panther: Wakanda forever.


Arizona, where Spielberg spent much of his youth, serves as the setting for The Fabelman. Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Paul Dano and newcomer Gabriel Labelle star in the film. Williams and Rogan are considered well known to most consumers. For those who don’t know who Dano is, he appeared in the 2013 thriller Prisoners, and will play the Riddler in the upcoming superhero movie The Batman. Plot Details of The Fabelman were mostly kept secret. What is known is that The Fabelman dramatize the developmental experiences of a movie buff who ultimately became the most commercially successful director of modern times.

Williams and Dano will play characters similar to Spielberg’s mother and father. Rogan, meanwhile, plays someone who looks like the filmmaker’s favorite uncle. Labelle as an aspiring director named Sammy makes his big screen debut as the film’s main protagonist. Julia Butters, who made a breakthrough in the Quentin Tarantino film Once upon a time in hollywood, will act as Sammy’s sister, Anne. While the character names are different from their actual counterparts, the film is clearly based on Spielberg’s own experience as a child. He wanted to be a director when he was little. He finally got his wish, having made several of the greatest movies of all time. Some of the previously mentioned movies include Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and AND The alien.

Spielberg wrote the screenplay for The Fabelman alongside a frequent colleague, Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner. The duo recently worked together on the 2021 film musical. West Side Story. This particular project has received wide critical acclaim. Also, they collaborated on the historic action drama Munich, which centered on the Israeli government’s mission of revenge against those responsible for the 1972 Olympics terrorist attack. Another film the two worked on was the 2012 biopic drama Lincoln, based on important moments in the career of the 16th president. Both of these big screen titles have received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Considering the couple’s professional history, there’s a good chance their next project will receive similar accolades.

Along with writing and directing, Spielberg produced the film. Additional producers are Kushner and Kristie Macosko Krieger. Film for The Fabelman started in July. With the title inspired by the director’s young life, it will certainly be one of Spielberg’s most personal projects.

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